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  1. Jim McMillan has passed away

    My condoleance to Jim's family and close friends. This is tragic news indeed, we lost a pioneer of neikung and a person with a good hearth and deep knowledge. Real truthseeker, real yogi, real martial artist. May you rest in peace and roam the fields of eternal bliss. Thank you Jim. Thank you for everything. I can never repay you for all the help you gave me.
  2. ...

    I was a clubber from 14 to 22 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54r3UCzAlro
  3. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Very simple, very powerfull qigong. My favourite one
  4. TV

    Hey Gerard thanx for the links !! I like master Wong's video's alot but he's Chen style isn't all that great. For a beginner form people can google the 19 form by Chen Xiaowang. The basic routines and the actual base of Chen taiji are the yi lu and er lu. They come in an old frame (laojia) and new frame (xinjia) version. The new frame is more complex with more coiling to teach advanced stuff. Chen Xiaowang, Chen Zhenlei, Chen Xiaoxing, Wang Xi'an, Zhu Tiancai, Chen Yu, Chen Bing etc. are good examples of masters who represent this family style. Kind regards !
  5. Daoist Alchemy: Jerry A. Johnson

    Looks like a nice book yes, 200 is costy but still reasonable. Effilang do you like it ?
  6. New Interview with sifu Lin Aiwei

    Nice thanx ! :-)
  7. BaGua Help

    Rest in peace Mike Martello, a very small person but with big accomplishment in the internal martial arts. A month before he died he showed me he's laojia yi lu (Chen style) here in Antwerp .. deep and powerfull stances, relaxed, agile and peng everywhere. Impressive is all i can say. The good ones die young
  8. Time Monk interview of sifu Lin Aiwei

    Thanx for the interview !!! Gonna listen to it now, always liked Lin
  9. Shaolin Internal Practices

    Example of the 18 damo and yi jin jing practiced internally:
  10. Thank you for the translation of the first video of GM Chen Xiaowang My sigung !
  11. Mo Pai obsession?

    I must of overlooked this before, really nice info on this master ! Thanx for linking Jetsun and thanx for posting Oat1239
  12. Mo Pai obsession?

    You can read it here online, i bought mine at INBI world: http://www.scribd.com/doc/22501334/Illustrated-Canon-of-Chen-Family-Taijiquan-by-CHEN-XIN If you yust begin training it's not that useful, its more about the smallframe version while most people learn the large frame. Still alot of the neikung and essence of Chen is explained ! If you yust started out this is a great book: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1113810 And also check the blog http://chentaijiquanworld.blogspot.be
  13. strong energy cultivation

    Woops my apology, didnt know this was discussed before ! I wont bring it up nomore.
  14. Temple-style taiji

    Do you practice a taiji longform Elijah ?
  15. Mo Pai obsession?

    Hey Chenplayer, dont mind all the mumbo jumbo around mo-pai or neikung. Keep practising your Chen every day. Everything is there. Everything. The combat, the healing, the spiritual: the applications becomming 1 principle, the subtle internal works and alchemy, the meditation and the neikung (check Chen Xin's manual of chentaiji). The further you go the more you notice you allready have it within you because of Chenjiagou taiji. Chen is the root of tai-chi. Yust practice every single day .. or more.
  16. strong energy cultivation

    Hey Recep, why do you speak of Lei Shan Dao ? I thought Lei Shan Dao was a fancy name David Verdesi and he's sidekick Sean Denty came up with to lure students to he's expensive visits with masters ? I highly doubt there is a lineage of internal alchemy/neikung called Lei Shan Dao.
  17. strong energy cultivation

    Amen ! Nothing to add here
  18. strong energy cultivation

    That i like your logical approach to neikung
  19. strong energy cultivation

    Nice thread, Merceless One i really appreciate your input ! Nice going man
  20. Hey Basher, yust keep practicing like you do now. Practice every day in a relaxed matter. Try to hold the stance you have difficulty with for a few minutes before you continue to the next one. Let it sink in. A year isnt that long indeed, let the seed grow to a sprout and water it every day Opening of the kua is a long and slow process, dont pay to much attention to it. See that your stances are solid and correctly alligned and make smooth transitions in your form. Your kua will open up and smooth out. Thats where the (yilu) form is designed for. Enjoy
  21. San Ti Shi

    Great info on a great stance Cheers !
  22. Nice, thank you for sharing
  23. Taijiquan Styles

    Hey Mithstrike, i practice some Chen and very much enjoyed your post