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  1. Greetings to you all

    Hello, my nickname is Lu. I have been introduced to taoism teachings and traditional chinese medicine when I was 7 yrs old by uncle Francesco, a scholar in chinese medicine and philosophy. Since then I have been travelling quite a bit along the path of ultimate goal is to fully develop my potentials (natural abilities) as a human being !! At the very moment I am a physician scientist working on aging and longevity in USA and Italy (6 mos in USA at Washington University in St.Louis and 6 months in Rome at the Italian National Institute of Health). My main interest is the role of diet and exercise in mediating healthy and successful aging. Nonetheless, my interests are much wider. I hope to exchange thoughts and experiences with you ......even if I firmly believe that there are no teachers, no masters, no scholars .....our path is the only true teacher ....and we need to follow the path with patience, alertness and innocence ...fill any bump and then continue to flow. I wish you a great day ! Lu