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  1. Anyone had any positive personel experiences with this teacher: If any-one has on Toa-Bums please don't be shy please contribute your experiences?
  2. Aweome post:- The west uses the word super-natural because they don't have an understanding of what it is happening, plus we live in an age that tries to explain eveything in a scientific way. I was watching this documentary where "Scientists" still can't figure out how gravity really functions or works, apparently it seems to be mystery. But then how can the "Tao" be mastered by any-one, as it it seems to be formless, shapeless and seems to be very mysterious.
  3. So What's the supposed diffrence between "Wang Liping" and "the magus of Java: John Chang"? Isn't aspiring to be like John Chang a waste of time! Isn't communion with the divine more important and empowering than having these so-called powers that just detrat you from your true journey. By the way why do the seminars cost so much money, seems like so called teachers are just out to make a profit? My two-cents
  4. My question here is why is everyone on this forum obsessed with some unknown called Wang Liping? Is he supposed to be some sort of immortal or master? So what's the big deal about these so called masters, if there that great why don't they teach for free. Didn't sages of the past like Krishna, Buddha and Christ teach the world fro free not expecting anything in return. So What's the difference between him and what you call the Magus Of Java: John Chang? I'm just trying to figure what the big-deal is of these supposedly magical charlatans, whatever they may be?
  5. Re: Higher Self

    So my other question is what is ascension? As I can't seem to find ang good material describing it...
  6. Re: Higher Self

    Hey, Has any-one experienced the vision of going through a tunnel during meditation and seeing planes of light. What the hells happening, is it just my imagination playing up? By the way does anyone know what the higher-self is and any esoteric techniques to reach the divine higher self cause I'm beggining to believe that there is something there, but it's a lot of hard-work to get to it. Any helpful topics on this post would be greatly appreciated
  7. Awaken to true buddhanature?

    Hang on: If we are already at Buddha-Nature and we don't know it then to be honest we woundn't really go searching for it, would we! That sentence makes no-sense. The quote simple implies that you still live in an illusion and that you've not really attained the way.
  8. During my practise: I asked the famous ESOTERIC question to the SMALL STILL VOICE WITHIN "When the STUDENT is READY, THE TEACHER SHALL APPEAR" to which it replied "I am your TEACHER" and this has got me thinking and reflecting on this answer. It occurred to me that I am the STUDENT & THE TEACHER at the same time so I got my questions answered by the inner teacher.
  9. Okay, well what would you like to know about my practise? My Daily sessions last from between 30 to 45 minutes. Since last year and to be honest I am still going strong. Say for example my techniques GOES like this I imagine breathing in POWERFUL & CLEAR Prana or Chi and hold my attention at the Navel Chakra or in chinese terminology the DANTIEN. Basically breathe this eneregy into DANTIEN. You don't have to hold your breath just place your attention in this AREA. But holding the breath in the DANTIEN is also very POWERFUL. Personally I would say it is the same. You also need to be objectively observe this energy at your DANTIEN as it some-times does try to communicate. But that's another story. Seriously don't believe the hype that a PRACTISE is dangerous for your health, it was just told to people for reasons of secrecy and power and to keep ignorant people away. If your interested in Esoteric Practises I would recoomed some good books below. It clearly details some of the PRACTISES and results of these as well. This should be a good starting point for yourself ( Clear Light of Bliss : The Practice of Mahamudra in Vajrayana Buddhism (Paperback) ( The Secret Art of Seamm Jasani: 58 Movements for Eternal Youth from Ancient Tibet (Paperback)
  10. "Sorry I'm pissed, can you please direct me to the bar?" Can you get a Jack Daniels & Coke Thanks
  11. "When the apprentice is ready, the guide appears" But I find this statement so difficult to believe and to whethere it actually works. But sincerely if a STUDENT or APPRENTICE was ready how will the Teacher or Guide APPEAR. Have a lof of time taking about this question as it appears in a lot of "Esoteric Practises" as well. Puff of smoke and presto the "GUIDE" appears reminds me of the magica tricks perform by David Blaine and David Copperfield. This question pointed me towards a book in my local BOOKSTORE it just seemed to fall into my lap. Believe it was written by Dan Millman: Living On Purpose, If I do remember correctly he seemd to be saying that TEACHERS or GUIDES are all around us if we open to recieving these messages. So the Wind, Earth, Ground, Sky and Nature can be our TEACHERS. But the TRUTH is I find this so difficult to believe and how would these messages be communicated towards the NOVICE APPRENTICE. But also have a few questions regarding Nedian Meditation, what are the sign of progress during this particular meditation. For those of you that are curious my practise simply involves Breath Retention and placing my ATTENTION on the Navel Chakra STORAGE AREA. Your breathe in PRANA that is POWERFUL and STRENGTHENS or NURTURES you from within the CHAKRA AREA and hold you attention there. Are the signs of progress during these pratices SEEING the "CLEAR BRIGHT PRIMORDIAL LIGHT" Emanating from within. This could be a figment of my imagination but it seemed to be to REAL to just dis-miss these IMAGES or VISIONS. As a sincere seeker is it possible to go beyond the GREAT INNER LIGHT or HIGHER SELF from within. What would happen to someone's consciousness if this was indeed was possible amd they went BEYOND. My experiences concerning these is that it seems to almost DIVINE, and has a GREAT STRENGTH which one can feel coursing through your BONES. Does any-one have any suggestions or advice on what I could be experiencing whlist practising this simple technique of meditation? Read the MAGUS OF JAVA by Kosta Danous recently and my question is regarding this COMMENT "What is the will of HEAVEN", why does an ascended-master like JOHN CHANG refer to the Will of the Heavens. Some clarification on this would be extremely valuable. Thanks: Indra
  12. meditations for manifesting

    Manifestation is a big joke, seems to be more like a marketers ploy. Maybe there are eastern thoughts and schools based in these techniques. Find it hard to believe in something which guarantees something without any work involved from your part. Taken from the most esoteric teaching on this planet "god helps those who help themselves"
  13. enlightenment

    Enlightenment is non-duality...... If you wish to learn more I can point you in the right direction, but in the end it's up to you to take the next step so if any of you really want to know what enlightenment is...let me know & I'll show you
  14. Aren't dantiens and chakras, basically the same thing