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  1. Introduction

    I bought it with caution. I have so many translations of the Tao Te Ching (I'm personally most fond of Stephen Mitchell's). I am absolutely blown away with Byron Katie's A Thousand Names for Joy wihich is a dialogue in which Stephen Mithchell (Katie's husband) pitches some verses from the Tao Te Ching and Katie riffs her own take on them. Having said all this, I find Liao's book to be very engaging with a wonderfull take on the Tao Te Ching. I find myself thinking (already) of going back through it for a second, closer reading. I highly recommend it. It comes in a "study" version for BIG bucks and a "regular" edition. Unless you feel especially drawn to the "study" version, the "regular" should be quite fine! Not Master Liao's. I've just resumed a chi kung I allowed to get away from me for a long time. I've also dusted off my favorite t'ai chi chuan form (Cheng Man Ching's 37 psotures). In addition I've started attending a chi kung class by one of Kumar's students (doing standing, the Energy Gates, and the Marriage of Heaven and Earth. Now I'm trying to keep it all focused in a coherent practice and guard against my tendency to jump around. I've finally convinced myslef (I'm a slow study) that persistent and consistent practice will generate more of what I want than to keep sampling the "buffet" line! Thank you all for your warm reception and generous offers! I look forward to some great sharing! Jim
  2. Introduction

    No, Wade/Giles is an older system of Romanization (creating phonetic English equivalents for Chinese sounds) compared with the more popular Pinyin used today: tai chi = taiji, chi kung = qigong and so on. Most of my early learning about Chinese culture happened in college in the early 70s when Wade/Giles was still more prevalent. My major failing in Taoist practice is my aversion to change! ;^) Jim
  3. Introduction

    I'm an off and practitioner of t'ai chi and chi kung (prefering the Wade/Giles Romanization). Recent stress and resulting health problems have guided me back to practices in which I used to be immersed. I'm a little rusty but it sure feels good. I am a chi junkie! I found you guys Googling "Tao Gong" as I am also reading and thoroughly enjoying Waysun Liao's Night Nights with the Taoist Master.