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  1. http://www.youporn.com/watch/177870/kung-fu-power-sex/ 404 Not Found I'm not really looking for tips. I'm looking for people to contribute to a video series of instruction that will entail interviews, chats, and talking to the camera. I'm trying to find people who are confident that they have something important to contribute that comes from regular personal experience who can help to teach others these valuable and little known esoteric practices. While the videos might include some general energetic practices that are done alone, the subject matter will be leading to very strong energetic practices that happen during sex, therefore I need people who can speak from experience about the latter. Surely I'm not the only guy in the world who practices such things. Where do I find other people? Can you talk more about your invincible wheel practice?
  2. Apparently I was mistaken about approaching this community. Can anyone recommend any other community where I might find practitioners of tantric or daoist or kundalini or chi-kung sex?
  3. This is getting frustrating. Either I was unclear in what I'm looking for or people are getting so excited by the content that they are not reading for comprehension. Should I restate what it is I'm trying to accomplish and what I am looking for? Sex scenes are optional. And again - does anyone here have a strong and regular sexual chi-kung practice? Have you heard of anyone that does? Hoping for something helpful and practical.
  4. Umm, this isn't turning out as I had expected. Are giggles and titters all I'm going to get about this?
  5. I haven't been active in this forum except briefly back in 2007. Are there people here with a strong regular sexual chi-kung or similar practice?
  6. "I'm interested in also showing some practically applied chi-kung sexual practices for the paid DVD sets" I'm going to include real sex with commentary and annotation as part of my contribution to the DVD sets. Others are free to contribute the same. But that's not necessary and not primarily what I'm looking for.
  7. It's been suggested to me to create some sexual chi-kung instructional videos, and in thinking it over I'd be much more interested in that project if some of the experienced guys here would join in the project. I imagine putting up some introductory shorter videos on youtube, having longer ones available on a group website for a monthly subscription, and perhaps having more in depth DVD sets sold. Contributors for the videos would also post on the group blog/website. We would share the efforts and profits. Some videos would be in the format of two of the teachers chatting to each other over skype, and we'd hire a video editor to splice together the images, and to edit and cut to diagrams and other content. Some vids and blog posts would be in the interview format. I'm interested in also showing some practically applied chi-kung sexual practices for the paid DVD sets If this is a project that interests you and you feel you have something of value to contribute to it, please comment here or by private message.
  8. The feminization of the Western male?

    Brilliant post. I wish I had anything to add or some other useful comment. I rarely comment with what can be summarized in a smiley, but this deserves applaud. Can I quote this on my blog?
  9. I wrote a blog post recently trying to explain chi-kung practice in a way that could be helpful for people who do not believe in Chi. It is at http://xsplat.wordpress.com/2007/05/08/241/ . Any comments?
  10. What is it that you pursue?

    Great post. If I'm understanding you, then my attitude is very similar. My main focus seems on just enjoyment, but the particulars involve feeling and embodying and integrating strong life/sexual force, resting in the moment not doing much other than relaxing and noticing, thinking about stuff, and just hanging out and having fun. Of course feeling strong life force deepens into compassion and connection with others, as to Grok chi is to love and be connected to people. One turning point that made a very big difference to me happened after an at home two month chi-kung intensive, and was strongly infulenced by sexual practices with a rare and powerful woman. It had to do with feeling a downward type of flow. It seems to me now that energy is available to me, not just originating at the base of the spine or from any organ, but from above my head, to flow down, especially to the dan tien. And energy below my feet is often felt as a limitless reservoir - not my own, but it doesn't need to be - I'm connected to it. Whereas before I felt the need to limit orgasms to one or maybe two per week, on some days now I'll want to ejactulate several times a day, and I replenish quickly - much quicker than ever before in my life. And this replenishing makes me feel loving and content - this energy feels itself as content and loving, and full, and often rather powerful. So, that's what I'm about, lately. I know I could work more on cultivating awareness throughout the sleep times. It's been decades since my practice was that subtle.
  11. Introduction

    I'm shy to write an introduction, but I have a blog. The posts regarding chi-kung and energetic sex are at http://xsplat.wordpress.com/tag/sex-chikung-kundalini/ I've been practicing chi-kung for about 15 years, meditation for about 25, and have had kundalini related stuff happening for maybe 20. Hope to learn and exchange with you all.