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  1. More power demos

    Weird and very cool. Hmm...Setting everything aside, and knowing that the only way to prove anything is by disproving all other possibilities, I first have to look at this a skeptic. Some of it does look choreographed, and the presentation, with the audience as such and colorful playful script, screams hoax and TV fun. But at the same time...I know, from personal experience, that projecting energy is possible. My sister and I used to play like that all the time, a few time we even singed each other or a wall. No actual damage, at least from what I can perceive. Though my talent was more in the range of hand healing. I have heard others stories of damaging appliances, or accidentally making people ill. I am defiantly of the opinion that if one spent years on hard study, and cultivation of energies/chi, one could produce such effects. Although hypnosis is a very good explanation... What ever it may be, it is spiffy. Hmm.... -Peace and Harmony
  2. The Tao Of Chaos

    Hmmm...I know this is a bit old and all, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to drop a few cents... Well, firstly I guess, concept that chaos was evil. It has mostly already been stated, but reinforcing it is always a goods idea...Chaos isn't evil, its another state of being...in fact chaos is a very accurate depiction of what being 'one' is. In every faith, or at least all that I can recall, we, as in the universe, was born from this nothing/all. We move through it, live it and are it. My belief about the conception that chaos is evil, is that we naturally, and for very good reason, have a powerful fear of things we can't control or harness. As well as things we can't fully comprehend. As for 333. I have had that reoccurring to, along with a few other number sets. I did some gandering about about the meanings of 3 and 9. A book on I Ching I had, and most of all the books on numerology, along with in the tarot, have all stated that 3 is the completion of the 'first cycle', 6 the second, and 9 the third. Wit hteh number nine it is the final cycle in existence, and there for a new cycle will begin. Which, at least to me, would help with the understanding and event surrounding the noticing of 3 or such sequences. With my sightings of the number, I had felt, also, that the universe is trieng to tell me something, and it is my belief that it is telling you to begin/finish, a new/old cycle, also maybe a omen that a cycle will be beginning/ending... But at the same time, I also believe these idea are more than up for debate by each individual, (since all things like that or very much up to your perception of them)... Hmm...well...I hope I added to the discussion in a decent way. Nameste
  3. What dream work practices are people doing these days

    "Your wierd." "Sorry." "That was a compliment!" I loved the movie, and indeed owe it much. It was what first opened me up to...deeper thinking I guess. I was a big fan of the time travel, and "gods plan"...but, if it was gods plan for Donnie to move withen the the preordained time line, why was he given the means, and indeed the choice, to step outside of it...and would the tangent time line/universe (same thing in my mind) have stabilized?...and why did they have to make Frank so fricken creepy!!! hehe Personally I believe "God" did give Darko a choice..though, I wonder if his...gifts?...would have developed more during later life? ...and, maybe it was "Gods" desire to have the events taken place in the tangent universe, to occur...what would have the world been without Gretchen...that was her name...I think... That was a concept that I had been privy to. What if one could see another in four dimensions. Wouldn't we be able to go back and pinpoint problems, budding cancer for example, before they grew out of hand... And can you imagine the ramifications, just to ones idea of self, if there was a possibility of creating another tangent you? Not on an individual scale, but on mass...What would have happened if I took road/decision/pill A instead of B...I'm rambling again.. Anyway, besides loving the story and ideas, I'm not a fan of the assumption that there is just a single time line for all of the universe, and that a tangent would have been unstable...