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  1. Ze German!

    Nice to meet you Eisenhans! I am Anthony, from Texas, USA, and I do Wing Chun Kung Fu and Qi Gong as well! Also....I studied German in High School for three years, aber mein Deutsch ist nicht gut
  2. New Here

    Ah, I must inform you TwoTrees that.....mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut >_< lol. But, perhaps, I may be able to learn a thing or two from you . And no, I'm not near any temple that I'm aware of, and only recently have I looked into the subect of Taoism. I am, however, deeply interested in the philosophical aspect of Taoism, which I'm currently reading on (I read from the Tao Te Ching every night). But if I do find at least even a small gathering of Taoists out here (In SA Texas), I'll definitely look into that as well.
  3. New Here

    Hi, my name's Anthony, but you can call me Nyro (pronounced ni-roh). I've recently purchased the Tao Te Ching from a local bookstore, and after reading into it and researching Taoism a bit, it's come to strike my interest (And being agnostic for quite some time, it has actually got me to consider converting to it). I hope to learn much more about it as well as philosophy in general, and get to meet many more people as well. Until we meet again, Nyro