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  1. How the West Lost Alchemy

    Hi, Drew, anyone.. Where do I get started in understanding this article. What are some good resources, books or websites to get started on understanding the music theory and all? I have "Pythagorean Plato" and "The Myth of Invariance" by Ernest G. McClain which also go into a similar area I believe. Discuss the ratio 6:8::9:12, which I don't really understand too well at all. I wasn't sure where to get started with McClain's books either. But gut feeling tells me this is a good place to be looking. Read "In Search of the Miraculous" some time back learning about the "shocks", but forgotten it now. Any stuff on pineal/pituatory is also interesting, or any resources for that. Recently found this: www.angelfire.com/moon2/isisaz/winter07/pineals2.html about pineal and sungazing. Drew talks about square root 2 and devil's interval, tritone or something -- which is new to me. I know McClain talks about square root 2 in relation to the Jubilee comma and a ratio of 35:49::50:70. Yes, so, please, if you know, can you tell me what books you'd recommend me to buy to learn about this stuff? I learnt musical instruments in my childhood, but don't have a good basis in music theory and don't know where to get started. Many thanks, Lemon-dude.
  2. Greetings

    Hi there, Introducing myself.. I have an interest in Alchemy, Kabbalah, Pythgorean stuff and all that. See correlations of course to the Yin Yang stuff. Am currently meditating with Holosync binaural beat CDs which seem to activate the pineal, etc, and do the inner Alchemy of some sort. Love to be here, Greg.