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  1. need help with Kundalini

    Thank you Yoda. I do understand that sometimes meditations are the worse things to do for me. I get completely off balance. usually i get digesting problems + dizzieness + numbness etc. Pace is good. Thanks Yes
  2. need help with Kundalini

    Hi i am new and this is my first post in here. I have a strong activation in kundalini for few years. My symptomos are spontanious body movments, breathing and singing . My problem is the strong anxiety that i get sometimes. I have a lot of Mantic Chia books but i am very reluctant of using the Microcosmic Orbit practice. I get sick of it very easy. It feels as a sort of control rather than surrender and let the energy do its thing so maybe i need to get convinsed that doing the Miro Orbit can help me with my anxiety. I tried doing it many times in the past 10 years but i always get sick of it and stop. I like to talk with others who has similar experiences like mine. I'd love to get over this peroid of extreem negtive feelings. I'd love to hear anything you have to say. YES