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  1. Hi, Im facing a similar dilemma here in Australia, The beautiful soul who has chosen to come through me ( due any day now ) Faces having to be immunised against Hep B the minute she is born. I am under pressure at every visit to sign consent to immunise. A little background here... All the info I have read indicates that putting a child through such an immunisation when only minutes old can have some very concerning side effects. Not to mention the chemical cocktail that the vaccine contains. (The Hep b antigen is produced in genetically modified yeast cells and contains thiomersal, which is 50% by weight Mercury.) Studies have also shown that children aged 5 who have had all 3 recommended vaccinations, from birth to 18mths retain little or no immunity to the disease. Hmmm. And They wonder why I have hesitations.
  2. Incense poll

    Hmm an interesting one..... As I am in the my 38th week of pregnancy incense can be a tad overpowering for me at the moment. I personally prefer Frankincense in the resin form and dried white sage for smudging/ energy clearing. In stick or cone format Sai Flora, Vetiver, Spiriutal Guide and Nag Champa usually get the thumbs up. There is just something otherworldly in the observation of the 'Dance' the smoke partakes in on its journey from ground to sky.
  3. Hi!

    Greetings Purplerose, I consider myself to be a newbiwe to the beautiful and soul stirring world of the Tao. Early last year I had the Blessing of becoming acquainted with the physical side of training via the Tao Wu Shin Monastery on Mt Tamborine. This also led to a huge journey of self discovery and self mastery on many levels. I read your post and it inspired me to share a little of my experience thus far... I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and whilst I was only able to train physically on a daily basis up to the 6 month mark I am with you regarding how beautifully Taoist practice and pregnancy 'mix' for want of a better word. The chi kung, breathing and meditation practices have proven priceless in the clarity, stillness and calm they have instilled. The discipline and intensity of the physical training have also prepared me for what is soon to come. All I can say is you can read books or watch films/documentaries or even listen to Audio on Spiritual practice, but Nothing is as empowering as Doing.

    Ah, the Beuaty of the Tao, stunningly simple, extaordinarily simple. It would seem it is creeping in... Many Thanks, Jo.
  5. Introducing me...

    Just A quick intro and Hello... I stumbled onto this site looking up Tao Wu Shin, the Monastery on Mt Tamborine I have been training at for the last 7 odd months. I am relatively new to the concepts of Taoism and martial arts and I have got to say I simply LOVE it. The practice gives me such a beautiful sense of stillness and paradoxically a wonderful outlet for my excess or nervous energy. Look forward to hearing from other like minded people out there. Ps if you are on Mt Tamborine, look up the beuatiful souls at Tao Wu Shin, it will change your life. All the best, Jo.