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  2. Great News but the price is still to high for me
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  4. Master Kwan Sai-Hung

    for you my friend; thanks pararararar for the info ps. parararar parararara:
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  6. Master Kwan Sai-Hung

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  7. How to commit suicide?

    Alfa the best way of take end of life is to don't do nothing!! People nowdays are doing like "suicide" living that is the wors, to don't do nothing whit your life to just see the time past bye!!
  8. Master Kwan Sai-Hung

    I have hear from a very good source that the best way to know if Master Kwan Sai-Hung had train whit Grand Master Wang Ziping is to ask Dr. Wu Chengde. My very good source said to me: In regards to Wang Ziping, I would suggest that you contact his only surviving indoor disciple and son-in-law, Dr. Wu Chengde. If anyone alive has the information you seek, it would be the elderly Dr. Wu. He can be reached here: Houston TaijiKungfu Health Academy 6515 B Corporate Drive Houston, Texas 77036 or call: 713-272-0018 Good luck to you in your research! But i can not call him is to expensive for me(i live in Sweden) so i hope some USA tao forum member do if not then i going to try to write a letter to dear Dr. Wu. Regards
  9. Master Kwan Sai-Hung

    I had read in Shen Verdesi's homepage or forum that the book: Opening the Dragon Gate: The Making of a Modern Taoist Wizard by Chen Kaiguo, Zheng Shunchao, and Thomas Cleary is not good translated so that is why i wait for a good translation so i can buy it in spanish i want to learn chinese so i can read it but then were to buy it then thanks for your feels i recommed better this one:
  10. Master Kwan Sai-Hung

    Thanks YM for your help Now i have no plans to train whit him or buy his books. Any way i wonder do you belive these books have words or histories that are true? What do you mean by: The biography is presented as based on stories allegedly told by the master himself.? I must say i like very much this history: I always wonder why when i ask Grand Master Wang Ziping family about if they know something about Master Kwan Sai-Hung they never said a comment about him! It makes me feel if he was really a family friend then they should know him right? Any way i know one of Grand Master Wang Ziping daughter is writing a book about Master Wang Ziping so maybe we can have more info in the future or then we can see there is not info at all about Master Kwan Sai-Hung. Regards I also wonder why Master Kwan Sai-Hung painted some pictures of these Hua Shan Masters in the first printed book: seven bamboo table? If the book is not real why paint these pictures?
  11. Taiji books?

    Good Day Pranaman I belive this is the best: Taijiquan Theory of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming: The Root of Taijiquan by Yang Jwing-Ming ISBN-10: 0940871432 ISBN-13: 978-0940871434 Regards
  12. SALT

    yeap and here it is:;x=29&y=19 Mineral content: Sodium 37.2g Calcium 358mg Potassium 552mg Magnesium 826mg Iodine 0.14mg wow good salt :
  13. can FU cure my penis inflammation or to get a girl soon Q'ero shamans use to see things like that too
  14. SALT

    thanks trailmaker i appreciated that