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  1. Hey I'm starting on Sunday too, should be fun eh
  2. Wuji Dimension

    Isn't this the same as the void realm which laymen access through the third eye?
  3. I have times during intense spiritual training periods where I'll have a dream, forget it, then the event will happen exactly as in the dream and it'll all flood back that it's been experienced before, it's never big stuff though, it's usually people saying things they normally wouldn't do and then the I REMEMBER YOU SAYING THAT moment, or meeting someone in a certain place who I haven't seen for 3 years the events play out word for word, it's highly amusing. Quite frankly, it's always good events, I'm pleased I'm not seeing murders or anything.
  4. Is Chi Something You Can feel?

    In personal experience (which ain't much )I'd have to say absolutely yes, you do have to be aware though of who is teaching what as some allow it to be felt in certain parts of the body, like the hands. Also, so many teachers out there claim to show you how to feel chi but they don't, my experiences are very hit and miss so I'll wait for some others to drop in their 2 cents and say which trainings do it quick or such. Andy
  5. Ohh I see, so completing Kundalini makes you stronger anyway but if you overdo the meditations it goes bananas eh. Haha. Sounds like the once a week option would work out better anyway. Cheers
  6. Experiencing nothing while meditating!

    Well I've had them for 2 decades now (still freaks out my mother) and not had a heart attack, I guess it's just if they don't happen to you often, we're all wired a bit different eh. But worth getting checked over if it's unusual to the person it happens to.
  7. Still can't wait for this, have to admit ones personality is very complulsive, at the minute present practices take up between 4 and 10 hours of a day (depending on commitments) so it's fun to come across a system that only requires 40 minutes though is it possible to do hours of this stuff if ya want without burning out?
  8. Thanks for replying again, you're very patient.
  9. Ace Oh lately I've been doing a lot of chakra meditations on the first 4 chakras, this won't interfere with anything KAP does will it?
  10. Really looking forward to doing this now, about to replace this rust bucket pc with one good enough for Skype By the way, after Egodeath, do you ever feel fear again? From what you read in spiritual books it usually says the Ego is the source of all fear so it'd make sense if it's death meant bye bye to that.
  11. Kunlun Benefits

    Wow I'm surprised how much this topics set people off, out of interest is anyone here on Red Phoenix/Kunlun 3? Though, I'm interested in all experiences, they certainly seem to be varied eh. And yes Nikola, I'd like to know a bit more on the latter Practices, Kunlun 1 - 3 are covered in the book, but no one seems willing to part with the data from Red Phoenix online, which to be honest is a nice change from normal humanity, but annoying still for anyone like us who hasn't attended a seminar.
  12. Oh I get it now, thanks for your very informative response! But there is one final thing ( ), if you do the level 1 & 2 classes, in level 2's final class are you then put through the last step with the last shaktipak session (sorry if I didn't spell it properly)/energy transmission and you experience ego death right then, or is it more of a seamless integration and it falling away at a later date? The reason I asked so many questions is because I'm truly interested in partaking in your 2 courses (once I replace this pc which can't run skype), Kundalini always seemed to resonate with me very strongly indeed so the idea of a distance training with tuition is brilliant as long as I know whats in it this time rather than going in blind. Thanks, Andy.
  13. By the way, some Kundalini related questions came to me, first one is, does Kundalini always involve ego death? And the follow up one is, does that make you enlightened? Sorry but theres pretty mixed data out there depending on who you go to. Thanks, Andy.
  14. Kunlun Benefits

    What benefits have you had from kunlun? Have you been able to heal people from doing it? Have you got into trippy states from doing it? And which level are you at? And yes Cat I pasted this from the PM
  15. Okay thanks for the heads up on your system, it's good to know it addresses such things. Andy