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  1. Forgotten some of my chi gung

    Thank you for your reply, but that has nothing to do with my request. I'm looking for "what it was" not "was it necessary". I'm particularly frustrated because I can remember making some notes because I found it hard to remember.. but I do not remember where I put those notes. Thank you anyway.
  2. Forgotten some of my chi gung

    This might be a long-shot; I'm trying to remember a warm-up that I used to do. I'll explain what I can remember and maybe someone will know what I'm on about: I used to do taichi at the Ashburnham School with a man called Ian, (could be Iain) and I think his last name was Walker. This was just off Lots Road in Chelsea, London, England. (It was an old Victorian red-brick building, that has since been demolished.) He would often add this piece to the warm-up before we started taichi. == The thing I'm trying to remember == Everyone stood in a big circle, (with plenty of space between each person.) With synchronized movements we each slowly moved towards the centre. It felt a little like bagua (Pa Kua) but rather than moving in a circle we each moved in a strait line. Each repetition moved me a few feet closer to the centre and after a few rounds we all met in the middle. Does this sound familiar? Does anyone know what this was? I don't think that it was Baduanjin, but it could have been related. It might not have even been Chi Gung. Thanks for reading.
  3. Torrent Site

    I found a site that some other taobumbs may be interested in. Other than a login I have no affiliation with this site. It has all sorts of things that I am NOT interested in, but between those I have found some files related to Tao. I have to remind myself that practice is more important than having when it comes to information, but I feel that I am still collecting information at this time. Ask if you have any questions Reckless Roges
  4. Watching the Wuji

    Fellow Bums, I have an ability, but I don't know what to do with it. My goal is to increase my chi until I can use it to help others, as it does for me. I could try teaching but I think evangelising is not the answer here. I can, (though not all of the time) make a fizzy-tingling feeling grow from within my lower tummy, like a small internal explosion. The blast seems to prefer to go towards my forearms and down my legs to my feet. There are two addition odd things about this. Firstly, once I find the trigger I can turn the explosion up or down, and keep it going for five to thirty seconds. I can sometimes direct the explosion and contain it in one location of my body. The second is that if I try to hold it at the highest settings I seem to lose control over my arms and legs, (well they feel like they are being electrocuted from the inside and they feel as if they have no strength, though I don't actually fall over if I'm standing.) If there is anyone that has any suggestions, I'd love to know what I should do to go from where I am to where I should be. I'm off to work on my (earth) short form. Reckless [i have avoided words like Dantian because I had this ability before I learnt definitions like that. Feel free to to use Chi and Nei Gung in any reply.]
  5. Watching the Wuji

    Thank you Mal, (I'm wondering if that is short for something or a 1980ies Latin term - or a Firefly fan.) Now that I'm getting serious I think it had been rather reckless to work without a focus of instruction, but may be someone here will mesh with my mojo, while I mess with my meridians. Roges
  6. Watching the Wuji

    Hello, I've been learning Tai Chi for about eight years and have been playing with chi for about twenty-three years. I'm trying to westernise the things I learn into a simple how-to, (though that is a form of teaching, which is as I understand it, part of the learning process.) I'm building my chi with daily meditation, but I don't give it enough time each day. I'm looking forward to learning more from this site, and am happy to share the few things that I have been taught or have found. Roges