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  1. on taiji

    Hi Pranaman, In my experience dynamic movement is the quickest way to increase flexibility. For hamstrings this means touch one arm to a wall or something for balance, then slowly raise your right leg forwards without bending the knee until your hamstring is tight, then slowly lower it. Do this a number of times, then repeat with your left leg. Now do a second and third set, each time moving your leg a little more quickly. You need to be gentle when doing this... when you're really flexible you need to kick the leg forward with great force in order to get your foot up over your head, but when you're just beginning doing that would damage your knee. Thomas Kurz has a book called Stretching Scientifically that provides lots of theory and practical advice about stretching which I highly recommend. Best wishes, JJW
  2. Choosing a Practise

    Hi Ken, Thanks for the links! I tried the first set out and felt lots of sensations in the hands, belly, and heat in the face. I'll keep them in mind. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge everyone... there's way more stuff here than I could actually give a fair go at, and I appreciate all your responses. Best wishes, JJW
  3. Choosing a Practise

    Hundun, I'll pm you this information, as some of it is a little private. Best wishes, JJW
  4. positive influence and morality

    Hi Pranaman, I would say you always need to be aware of the ethical implications when interacting with someone on any level. You already said that the intent is good, so if there is also wisdom in your influence then it is ethical. JJW
  5. Choosing a Practise

    Seth Ananda, I didn't see a teacher in Brisbane listed on the Yang Mian website... just Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Thanks for introducing the art, though. Mouse, Thanks for the contact information; I'm going to go and see one of Glenn Blythe's classes first, and if that doesn't work out give Nicholas a call. Do you train there? Yatzhong, Yes, except under very particular circumstances I don't eat meat, dairy, or eggs. If this is truly the problem then I guess I'm out of luck with warming up the hands. JJW
  6. Choosing a Practise

    Durkhrod, Those videos are hilarious! I learned Xing Yi back home in Canada (just the basics), but there is at least one school in Brisbane that teaches it: www.brisbanekungfu.com. I went and met with one of their instructors one day (Sifu Richard), and though he seemed like a nice enough guy he didn't really know what to make of my cold hands. Have you studied with Glenn Blythe? Is his schedule available somewhere online? Thanks for the help, JJW
  7. I'm trying to figure out what kind of qigong or internal martial art to practise in order to clear out some energy blockages and to warm up my hands. A couple of years ago I practised some Tai Chi and Xing Yi, and did lots of Zhan Zhuang, but it didn't seem to help with either problem (although it did help relax the shoulders). Any suggestions? Also, I'm living in Brisbane at the moment; does anyone know a good qigong or IMA teacher in the area? Thanks, JJW
  8. Introduction

    Thanks Shon! If there are some other people from Brisbane here it'd be nice to meet up and push hands with them. JJW
  9. Introduction

    Hi everyone, I'm a student living in Brisbane and planning to take up a qigong practise. This seemed like a good place to come and ask some questions of some knowledgeable people. JJW