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  1. "The Secret" hits it bigtime!

    Well no, they don't hold exclusive rights, but they're the consumers of all these "Think and Grow Rich" scams. The East has had centuries of exposure to different types of frauds; "martial artists" using "hard chi" to do amazing things, which really only boil down to basic physics, smoke and mirrors.
  2. "The Secret" hits it bigtime!

    Yeah this Power of Positive thinking really works. It worked years ago when Dale Carnegie sold his books about it, it helped Norman Vincent Peale make big money by selling books about it. It also helped me. I "thought", "visualized" about shitting gold bricks one time; and guess what it worked. The only problem was when I ran out of stool softener. God there's so many gullible people in western civilization.
  3. Greetings

    I took some tai chi courses with 10 years ago but had to move and haven't hooked up yet with another branch. I am skeptical of the spiritual aspects of Taoism but I admire the philosophical aspects and the health it brings to the human body. I am interested in seeing how other Occidentals are practicing Taoism in the west. thanks