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  1. Does Taoism believe in a God?

    In Germany, we say "Hilf dir selbst, dann hilft dir Gott" (Help yourself, then God will help you). Which would probably mean to jump out of a window Basically, it means that if you get into trouble, just do your best and it will go alright - if you've been training cultivation, that is. Reminds me a bit of REH's Conan the Barbarian "Crom gave you strength to fight, what more could you ask for?" or something like that.
  2. Iron Crotch

    Good God, I love Travel Sick. Grub Smith has this way with words that just makes me laugh, no matter how often I watch it "He's going down.. down to Chinatown..."
  3. Ze German!

    Das war doch ok Actually, that was better than some guys who are working here but can't be arsed to even learn the basics of German.
  4. Ze German!

    Hi guys, this is Patrick from Germany. I enjoy Taijiquan, Qi Gong and childish tests of strength from time to time Hope we can manage to like each other