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  1. spiritual awakening/kundalini

    After all the bells and whistles of kundalini (which can be triggered by tai chi, btw, at least in my case), after all the visions and energy clearings and body symptoms and all the rest, one is left with an open heart and an immense gratitude for life. If not, then it is not worth a damn.
  2. After Dao what?

    Gorgeous words, dear Joe. For me the experience of just being here deepens and deepens further into mystery, even if the experience includes pain. I am reading Against the Pollution of the I, by the late Jacques Lusseyran, who describes beautifully the mystical sensory experience of being blind. What he says to me is that we have barely tapped into the state of being present and alive. For him, paying attention is critical and we scarcely know how to do this. I, myself, am trying to leave wordiness and concepts behind in order to truly touch the world.
  3. Some of you may get this.

    or he's a horse's ass?
  4. Regret in life

    I am 60. My body is decaying. Taiji has taught me that I am not the body.
  5. Hello from New Mexico

    I'm a long-time (about 16 years) taiji student, mostly wang style, but now very excited by chen. Have learned a little swimming dragon bagua, a little sword, 2 years of Chinese and counting. I see some old friend kundalini posters here. Had an awakening that blew my socks off 13 years ago that I think was accelerated by all the taiji.