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  1. You are great!

    Thanks for making my day a little better. Big thanks!
  2. Old Taoism Masters' Knowledge

    I am interested in learning Chinese.
  3. Old Taoism Masters' Knowledge

    Great. Where can one get these scriptures?
  4. Categories of Negatives in Taoism

    Thank you for your posts Mak Tin si, very much fun to read:)
  5. Magus of Java

    hehe. in 1 day . couldnt stop
  6. Supplements

    fish oil here too . i dont take vitamin supplements because i feel i get too much energy or something... (maybe Strange paranoia...) :: )
  7. semen retention

    Well, I am the same 9 days, but short from the 100 smile.gif My advise, put your attention elsewhere, get busy. Good luck Ataraxis Thanks:)
  8. semen retention

    i have done 9 days now, thasnks for reply: was just wonderinf of any good practises too stabilize
  9. semen retention

    Which practise is recommended? thank you all
  10. Chineese herbs for anxiety

    hehe hard to translate these into norwegian, but made a few ; ) thanks!! :=)
  11. Chineese herbs for anxiety

    chamomile tea has been relaxing for me .