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  1. Is the 100 days all you need?

    Hi Pranaman, would you care to say exactly which book from Mantakchiayou are reading ? I was searching on Amazon but there are so many that its confusing and about the 100 days; I think its the time required to create a foundation for practice where one starts to feel the beginning of the effects and the go on with practice,practice,practice Thanks
  2. Hi, saying hello.

    Hi everyone, I am from Portugal and new to this Tao techniques. Until now have been doing Ashtanga yoga and Meditation and although got 10 years ago a book from Mantak Chia ( on Sexual KungFu and Multi Orgasms ) never got to do it, it felt overwhelming so many techniques to implement on top of my practise. Still the interest and respect for this system stayed with me all this time and now I feel is time to go for it. What really got my attention was a book a friend showed me ( Taoist Yoga from Eric Yudelove), all the concept of inner alchemy and subtle body building seems very fascinating and here is where my questions come: on searching the net (amazon) I came across 2 taoist yoga books, the one from Eric and an other by Charles Luk and Lu K'uan Yu, both seem quite good but the one from Eric yudelove seems to have a more modern day-to-day language plus the systematic week by week approach; so i ask you guys with experience what would be the best way to start? should I consider some other possibilities? Thanks a lot.