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  1. Q-Link -ahead of its time or scam

    Well to be specific, the Q-Link doesn't actually claim to cancel out electromagnetic fields, but rather strengthens the body's own "biofield" such that unnatural EMF radiation from electronics does minimal harm, from my understanding at least.
  2. Natural Living

    Find a farmers' market nearby. Also, you can grow sprouts in your kitchen (in a matter of 3 to 5 days) which are much healthier than other 'greens' like lettuce and can taste good with anything. Chia sprouts are especially nutritious! Here's my favorite natural health/living website (and I've seen a lot): Natural News
  3. Full-lotus fallacy

    Projecting lower emotions as energy is exactly how I would describe what I've noticed too. I'm not sure if I'm doing the same thing as you, Drew, after all I don't sit in full lotus in public, but I've definitely had enough experiences to confirm to myself at least that I am doing something to "transform" that energy and somehow neutralize it. Exorcising it, as you say. The male starts out angry at me and ends up being respectful, sometimes nervous even like in the previous example. I don't do any "shooting" of energy out of my body, at least to my awareness, but rather I focus on compassion for the other person as well as a firm conviction that I am protected by the universe and will not be harmed. So maybe this attitude of confidence plus compassion, driven by good chi from regular practice, is having a similar "exorcising" effect as your more refined approach of using energy in a specific way...
  4. Full-lotus fallacy

    Yeah I know what you mean Janus about subtle manipulations in the way people communicate, and it can be easy to allow it to descend into a type of "warfare" especially if it's with a friend. It's easy to over-analyze and blow out of proportion these "negative" interactions. I used to do it all the time before I got into qigong (cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms played a role in those days). I still enjoy analyzing it but I don't fear it or try to struggle against it, because in my opinion that's just giving more power to it. The best defense in my opinion is having faith in yourself and compassion for the other person. Not to see what they're doing as "negative" but just "confused" because they don't know any better. It's just what they're accustomed to. I think we've all been programmed from the time we're young by society to psychically attack each other in subtle ways to get what we want. Chunyi Lin puts it in a good way in SFQ Level II, in terms of energy healing, not to think of it as "bad energy" but just energy that's misplaced and needs to find a new home in the universe. I think that model can be applied to everyday interactions. Here's another example of a strange interaction that fits into what we're talking about. A couple weeks ago I was riding the light-rail train in Portland. There was this totally "mean" looking Hispanic guy (like one of those people who you look at and you know they've probably been in prison) sitting in a section of the train with 3 other seats. The train was crowded and nobody was sitting in his section, even standing up just to avoid him. One guy actually started to sit down in his section, then saw him, then got up and sat in another four-seat section that already had THREE people sitting in it. It was obvious that people were afraid of this guy. I sat down in a seat in front of his section, facing him directly. I could have avoided him like everybody else, and he probably was aware of that. I looked slightly to the side out the window but could see out of the corner of my eye that he was "mad dogging" me. Now intuition (which I cannot prove) was telling me that I was sending him an energetic message of "I see you as a person like anybody else, no big deal, and I accept you unconditionally" and he was sending a message back of "I want you to be intimidated by me otherwise I have to leave my comfort zone. I'm too afraid of a friendly interaction (love) because I'm so accustomed to making people afraid." So I began to move my eyes toward him slowly (smiling the whole time), and he began to tense up, his arms crossed and he started to figgit and squirm in his seat. When I looked to the side again, he went back to making the mean face. So I did it again, and again for a third time. Every time my eyes moved closer, he'd get nervous, and every time my eyes moved away, he'd get angry. My intuition told me that moving my eyes closer to him in a slow fashion while smiling was "disarming" the hostility he was directing toward me, which was replaced by fear, of a potential "good" interaction that might occur, resulting in nervous tension.
  5. karma

    I know OK, yeah it is smart. It's a smart way to attract dumb girls stuck in the high-school lets-compare-social-status-and-form-cliques mentality which is why it's so successful in the "bar scene" (which naturally attracts those kinds of people) and which is also why PUAs rationalize it with phony "evolutionary psychology" theory. My theory is that it has nothing to do with evolution and everything to do with the public education system suppressing people's natural genius and encouraging/devloping people's lower animal-level instincts (competition, hierarchy, etc.) thus turning them into mindless chimps basically (read John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of American Education, schools were designed to do this from the beginning). So the PUA is basically a "hacker" who plays off the scripts and social conditioning that were embedded into the female's psyche by the public school atmosphere (not to mention the media). Not that this makes him "evil" or anything. After all, he's been programmed as well.
  6. Full-lotus fallacy

    Again I totally agree with Janus just said... And Emily, But that's what makes it so entertaining. I think he's said before that he's just having fun. It sort of makes a mockery of the seriousness that goes on in forums. And it's hilarious to watch it tease out people's insecurities by their condescending reactions. And I agree Emily, Chunyi Lin is awesome. I think his whole approach to energy healing (in SFQ Level II) makes sense. It's a good framework of general guidelines without strict rules. And the emphasis on the underlying compassion being MORE important than the techniques themselves also agrees with everything I've read by Lynne McTaggart & Gregg Braden about energy healing, faith healing, etc. So Janus, on the topic of divulging more strange experiences... I've also found that strange interactions can happen with males as well. For example, a few weeks ago there was a 1 or 2 day period where males walking by me would seem to be mentally "asking" me to make eye contact with them. Of course I can't prove this is what they were doing, but each time I would "answer" them by looking at them. One guy I looked at and immediately he says "thank you" and did a hand gesture like he was tossing me something (energy? I didn't feel anything so who knows). When I lived in a small town with a lot of religious people, I found that big carnivore-redneck-type guys (like twice my size) would make gestures to me like they were holding their penises. At first I thought this was their way of trying to intimidate me by psychically saying "I bet my dick is bigger than yours, little man!" But my intuition eventually told me that the reality was that I made them somehow feel insecure (this was confirmed by one of them blowing up at me in rage at my old work over something extremely trivial, getting in my face, to which I responded by calmly looking up at him towering over me while scratching my chin and saying, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" to which he responded by shuffling off and mumbling to himself. Later on, he would STEP OUT OF MY WAY when I would walk by.) Anyway, I think the REAL message behind the penis-holding gesture was "I feel insecure around you, so let's have a pissing contest to bring you down to my level of simple-mindedness." The reason for this is that one time the same big angry guy as before (he worked in the meat department, ate the Atkins diet, was angry all the time, big surprise), walked by me, did the penis-holding gesture, and actually made a "shhhhh" sound like he was going to the bathroom. He wasn't the only one who did that gesture though. Thankfully I moved out of there and don't have to deal with that crap anymore! I always trusted that I had the ability to deal with that kind of energy but still it's nice to be away from it. And I totally agree, Janus, FAITH (trust) is essential. Chunyi Lin says that too. And you're right, it is good to share these experiences. Maybe they are more common than you'd think...
  7. karma

    Living in the same house as a guy she cheated with, who talks about killing animals???? I suggest finding a nice vegan girl with her head screwed on straight. There are lots in Portland! Sorry if I sound mean but wow, you deserve much better. And yeah, the PUA stuff is dumb.
  8. Full-lotus fallacy

    I agree with you Janus. I think this board is very superstitious and "conservative". I understand the counter-argument that doing things that Drew does will attract "negative entities" or whatever. I just don't believe it. I accept the possibility that I could be wrong. Bottom line is I'd need more evidence than people writing online. Same applies to what Drew says. Of course, I tend to believe him because I've experienced "similar" things like what I wrote earlier. Now, to be clear Janus, things like what I described in my last post do not happen often. But I will keep you posted if anything new happens. And again, I'm not even sure if they fit in to the same model he uses to describe the energy exchange. I do not believe his model is the only valid one, though it seems to be valid for him. For me, there is no "sucking" of energy. The whole thing seems to revolve around the eye contact. It's like the eye contact builds an energetic connection which simply gets so intense that there needs to be a "release." Most of the time, there's just long gazes. But like I said, once in awhile something crazy will happen like the girl will moan or touch her erogenous zones, etc. I can only get into full lotus for a few minutes at a time, and I wouldn't try it in public simply because it takes so much concentration and breathing. Maybe some day when it's more comfortable I'll give the O at a D a try
  9. Full-lotus fallacy

    Thanks for the tips. I actually do the reverse breathing only during the SFQ active exercises & small universe meditations... so not trying to have climaxes or mutual climaxes. It's just part of the practice. I might try the "O at a D" thing some day but for now, I'm just focusing on SFQ. I have experienced strange "energy exchanges" with females since getting into qigong (not just SFQ) though... no climaxes on my part but have seen some pretty outrageous behavior! For example one girl locked eyes with me as we approached each other on the sidewalk, and as we continued walking, neither of us breaking eye contact, at the point we were nearly side by side, her head jolted forward and she let out a loud moan! It definitely looked like a climax, but I experienced nothing internally. No sucking of electromagnetic energy or anything like that I have no idea if things like that fit in to your electromagnetic/electrochemical energy exchange model.
  10. Full-lotus fallacy

    No I didn't take classes, and yeah I did get the e-newsletter. Very helpful the info about the reverse breathing. I had been pulling the belly in too much and not relaxing enough as a consequence. Anyway I've been doing the Level 1 course (both active and sitting exercises) almost every day now for the past couple months, and just got Level 2 in the mail today. Making progress!
  11. Full-lotus fallacy

    LMAO Keep it up Drew. Fascinating stuff, and the responses you provoke are hilarious. Some people just take it allll sooo seriously LOL
  12. Selling Healing Tao Qigong Fundamentals 1-4

    One day left on the auction for this! Currently bidding at under a quarter of the price from Healing Tao
  13. mantak chia?

    If you can get arrested for asking directions, you can get arrested for anything.
  14. mantak chia?

    What if humanity is ready for the esoteric to become exoteric? And Drew's O at Ds are the springboard, LOL