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  1. If any of you tao bums get to read Li Hong zi's article in (i think) New York times magazine you should, i found it over the net. For those of you who don't know who Li hong zi is he is the founder of fulan gong his ideas about alien connections with human society are pretty confronting. Basically his view is that through the evolution of the human race the last big boom in civilization has excelled to extream proportions. 50 years ago we couldn't imagine the tools we have today but for hundreds of years ancient civilizations slowly progressed through the ages. Li hong zi's thoughts are that alien technology has enchanced human civilization. And that in exchange with this our governments are going to legislate human clonning in the future and limit child birth globally like the one child policy in china today. His idea is that an alien invasion is at hand and these beings cannot inhabbit a body that has a soul inside BUT. If heaven and earth do not permit a sole to in habit the body ala through sex these beings can controll these shells witch we call clones. i know, sounds full on! but the interesting thing is the link he makes with alien life and the realm of taoism and what's even more interesting is that it comes from a recent qigong master.
  2. taoists and karma

    I have often thought about the relationship karma has with taoism after reading the lieh tzu i came to understand that taoists view karma as. A working principle in the universe like cause and effect but for one to completely understand this mechanism is unknown. its like fortune and missfortune witch work from many turns of action and reaction so many in fact that we as humans cannot decifier. Karma could be explained in this way, this is a very lieh tzu ethos of accepting reality as it is and being content.
  3. Supple wingchun

    i had a great oppertunity with training with a renowned master from the Gulao wingchun Fung family master Fung kien we trained this surprisingly soft wingchun for a week in Hong kong. To me it seems like the bridge between the soft movement that is benefitial to health and chi cultivation from tai chi. And direct central and centreline attacking from wingchun.The soft qualities combined with wingchun's simplicity are very taoistic in the sence of bending, like the taoist analogy of the soft tree that withstands the storm unlike the stronger tree witch cannot become supple enough to eventually over come the yang.
  4. new member

    Hey guys just joined this site today man was i relieved when i stumbled on to this jem of a site. I have had an interest with taoism for the last four years, being a martial artist and qigong practitioner. My main interest these days is trying to find out information on presently active monasteries that would possibly accept. A westerner like myself, we all know that cultivation starts in the heart and tao is evident everywhere but i have a fasination with living at one of these temples for a time. hope to have insightfull discussions and and learn heaps. CHEERS!!!