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  1. What are the grounding and rooting exercises?

    God I am so confused.
  2. Bone Marrow Nei Kung and Iron Shirt Chi Kung: Are these a good form of rooting and grounding exercise? I need to know because I was advised that these are what I need to solve my "jing stuck in the head" problem Can you make a list of types of grounding and rooting exercises?
  3. How do I get the jing out in the head?

    I have a very active mind to be honest. I think alot, I imagine alot. Sometimes I kinda talk to myself when a movie plays on my head or I remember something in the past. So I have to calm down my hyper mind then. Wow. Got to do some meditating. I guess I have to look again on the century count practice and on concentrating on the opening the microcosmic orbit points. Thanks y'all.
  4. By the way I am not doing any seminal kung-fu/big draw for a long time now. I had this sticky and churning jing in my head. It was the result of doing seminal kung-fu without basic microcosmic orbit training. I have been fixing it by guiding it into my navel to store it there every time the jing becomes uncomfortable. By circulating it in the microcosmic orbit, I was able to make it soft, sometimes as soft as water that it descends down quickly. Yet still the jing goes back to my head. I think I am even becoming an expert at it. I just invented a new routine that involves spinning my head around my neck while focusing on the mid eyebrow, stopping then guiding the 'tumbling jing' down to the navel especially when it is quite dense. After doing it a number of times, my head is beginning to get clear but now it is back on my head again. What do you think I need to do to get it out of my head? I've tried ejaculating too but there is no effect at all. I tried spinning it in my navel 36 out - 24 in but it clearly doesn't store in there otherwise it won't get back in my head.
  5. Yesterday I was reading about taoist stuff and was worried because the jing-chee (sexual energy) always goes up to my brain and feeling prickly which is I consider not normal. So I have to bring it down over and over and it still goes up. I did all that bringing down ALOT. On the articles I am reading, it said that I can balance this energy by doing certain practices like the fire and water technique, and Kan Li. Then what got my attention is "vigorous physical exercise". So immediately after, I ran and ran and didn't stop. Then lay down flat on my bed and did some breathing, relaxed myself and tried to be aware on the goings in my whole body. Right now I guess I am feeling okay. Thanks again. Sorry if I sounded harsh thanks to you L1 for the links. *bows*
  6. Ok I read it over and over for there is alot of metaphor and Tao-talk that makes it hard for me to understand the point of what you are saying. I guess you are simply saying that: I must let go of the outcome, focus on the now or the journey and let go. Is there any FREE lesson out there available about Qigong? I just need to ground my self more from yang.
  7. I visited the zodiac site and I put in the complete date of my birth and it says I am indeed a water pig. I chuckled a bit for it really sounds like me. But I guess I have grown more careful in spending and being generous. I am feeling ok again this morning but I will be going to the grassy leafy areas for a while and maybe jog and some light exercise to ground this energy of mine. Thanks for the insight guys. I guess it wasn't the end of the world for me!
  8. DOOMED in a sense that am I harming myself for having excess yang? Can I just simply ejaculate again to remove this excess?
  9. Ummm.... I currently live in a leafy part of california. I dont smoke or drink but i cannot avoid processed food or meat. The year of my birth is 1984 so I think I am a water pig. So should I simply start learning some Qigong forms and internal Martial Arts? Is the inner smile and other techniques that Chia teach other than MO book will also help? Damn, I am feeling some energy in my brain again.... Honestly guys, am I DOOMED?
  10. TheSeeker is here

    Hi I just discovered Taoist Yoga through Multi orgasmic man. I hope anyone of you guys could help me out in some questions I have later. Anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read this.