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  1. Nei Gung

    Thanks for all the reponses so far. I understand what you're saying, i'll just be patient. Regarding style, it's Wudang. Orb - my teacher is a very practical person who isn't interested in spirituality or Taoism. Since beginning Taiji, I've become very interested in Taoism and Buddhism, more so than the martial aspects of Taiji, and am hoping to get a better understanding of my practice. Thanks.
  2. Nei Gung

    Hi I've recently started Nei Gung as part of my Taiji practice, but don't understand how it will benefit me? My taiji teacher say's it'll stop me getting hurt if I get hit (which sounds fair). In the system I'm learning there are 12 yin and 12 yang movements, although I've only been shown the first 8 yin so far. I'm also confused about the Three Treasures; Jing, Qi and Shen, how they interelate also how I can cultivate through Nei Gung / Taiji practice? Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi all

    Discovered this site by accident, but looks very interesting. I've been studying Tai Chi Chuan for 5 years. Starting this led me on to reading Eastern Philosophy, namely Taoism and Buddhism. I'm also interested in Nei Gung and was looking to learn something about it from you guys. Hope to add something useful to the forum (but don't count on it)