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  1. Ramana's 40 Verses on Reality

    wow, thanks alot for posting this link...this stuff is very good. gob smacked after 20 seconds... 3. 'The world is real.' 'No, it, is a mere illusory appearance.' 'The world is conscious.' 'No.' 'The world is happiness.' 'No.' What use is it to argue thus? That State is agreeable to all, wherein, having given up the objective outlook, one knows one's Self and loses all notions either of unity or duality, of oneself and the ego. Sort of left me like Bart Simpson thinking about one hand clapping.
  2. A 6 Dimensional Theory of Reality

    ooooh my head hurts. Really id just like to accept the idea of the 4th dimension being a purely spatial idea. Like we have XY, YX ZY ZX planes in the third dimension id like to think we have that equivalent in the 4th dimension. For my brains sake i just assume that if i were living in a 2 dimensional world i would not be able to percieve the 3rd dimension. And if i were to experience something from the 3rd dimension passing through my little 2d world like...lets say an orange, it would start off as a tiny circle as the orange passed through my 2d (sheet of paper world) the circle would become larger untill it hit the middle of the orange and become smaller as the orange left my 2d plane of existence. I imagine the same would imply to a 4d object in a 3d world...but i would have no idea what that looks like as my brain is already hurting from reading the previous posts. Now the collider is very interesting...neutrinos and gravitrons rock my socks. I think one thing they are trying to do whilst smashing tiny little bits of matter together at nearly the speed of light is trying to detect Gravitrons which are created then dissappear "supposedly" into another plane of existence ...Dum Dum Dum The 4th Dimension !!! I have read about the theory of gravitrons and their relation to the 4th dimensional plane but thanks to all this talk about 6 dimensions im beginning to doubt my own existence, Need to make my self 4d for a while...ill get back to you on that one.
  3. Tracing back Lineages

    Thanks for all the input guys n gals, much appreciated.
  4. Sexual Problem giant testicle

    Lucky its just a Hydroseal man, i think its pretty common, my mate had that same thing but he had to go to hospital to get it fixed. No biggy man, just take a chill pill and follow doc's orders.
  5. Tao Bums Martial Arts

    Exceptional in "La-Zi Man" and "Wo-Man Beir" attempting to master "Co Man Cinse" and im being taught by my fiance about the forgotten art of "Dish Wa Shing"...
  6. Mindfulness in Plain English by Ven. Henepola Gunararatana Source: Vipassana Fellowship's online Meditation Course provides a supported introduction to Buddhist Meditation as found in the Theravada tradition. Resources and support for meditators and authoritative texts from the earliest Buddhist sources. Best of all people its a free online book, happy reading !!!
  7. Tracing back Lineages

    Im hearing ya Mouse, I have held back my personal opinion in regards to "Lineage Statements" but i am still curious as to how people keep track and records of one or several lineages over hundreds of years if not longer. Ba Dum Pshht.
  8. Tracing back Lineages

    Hi Bums, I've got a question about the history and documentation of lineages. Now im just a newbie here but i've been reading into different posts, articles etc. and i tend to come across the statement of lineages. Now this intrigues me as i have a copy of my own family tree to the late 1600's (which gets rather wishy washy the further back it goes, but i suppose i cant ask much being a decendant of convicted criminals....Go Australia!). Now purely for example which the info could be very wrong (excuse my newbism) lets say that a shifu's lineage can be traced back to Damo, the legendary monk who settled in the Shaolin Temple (e.g. 400-500AD?) Leaving 500-600 years of information passing, how on earth do people trace back a lineage of teachers through 500/600 years??? Is there a standard process that people follow? literature? scrolls? books? or is this information just kept up in your head? and passed on from teacher to student over 500/600 years? without chinese whispers taking effect? Also i have found that some people have an ego problem and there lineage has to be longer than the next persons which i find quite amusing...hehe Anyways guys, any input into this question i have would be very appreciated as i am fairly clueless in regards to this area. Thanks.
  9. How many Aussie Bums?

    Im from Australia also, NSW Near Goulburn right up on top of the Great Dividing Range.
  10. Hello all

    Thought i'd drop in and say hi as i have just registered with Tao Bums, currently i have very little to no knowledge on generally not much, thats why i signed up! so i can have a browse and a chat with everyone here. ill be talking to you soon ;-) ::peace:: oh by the way im from the wonderful land of Australia, and im 25!