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  1. Dao Zhen on Dan Tian

    these quotes are from in case anyone wants to know...
  2. anyone used winn's fusion tapes?

    -- = BUMP = -- anyone?
  3. hi, i'm considering getting michael winn's fusion series. i've got mantak chia's dvds, and they seem good, but i'm curious about some of the practices in winn's series, especially connecting to the organ spirits. i've also heard there's a bit of a debate about whether some of chia's more advanced fusion practices should be practiced at all (the ones where you shoot the pearl out), and that they belong in greater kan & li. has anyone used winn's tapes? i was going to get 1, 2 and 3 with the dvd. how do they compare to chia's, and is there any point getting both? cheers...
  4. hi

    hey, been a fan of doc morris for a few years. had the chance to train with him when he came to england a few years ago. it was a great seminar...