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  1. Fedor vs. Mark Hunt

    i agree with vortex, to a certain extent...i'm sure that everyone has come across that master who believes that their particular style is the best at "fighting, self defense for little guys/gals, or protecting yourself without really hurting the other person, etc.. etc... " and then they try to make you believe that also.... for me, part of watching MMA is watching how masters of a particular skill or art fall apart when they have to live up to their claims.
  2. Straight from the horse's mouth...

    thanks for the responses. since my original posting, i've found that using Windows Media Recorder works well. you can record audio and video, and you can record w/out having the window open. once u set it to record, you shut the window and it cont's to record. so you can record from multiple sources at same time, in the background. i think the trial version has a time limited restriction, but i stumbled across a full free version... i never realized there was soo much out there..
  3. Straight from the horse's mouth...

    trunk. thanks for the link.... here's a link to a some alan watt's lectures... apparently you can purchase the bulk of them on cd or mp3 format, but here's a link to the ones that are streaming for free... hope everyone enjoys them. p.s. does anyone know of any good, but free, software to download streaming audio or vid to your hard drive?
  4. I used to love listening to aldous huxley, alan watts, or whoever (namely, people much more enlightened/inspired than me- but basically someone known for their field of study) give talks/speeches/interviews. If you encounter any good sites or resources where I can listen to these (either streaming or download) please let me know. Or maybe we can use this message as a thread to list the locations or recommendations for these audio files .
  5. like a kid in a candy store...

    what a great site! so far from perusing the non-member areas, much thats been discussed has been on my mind for quite some time... i'm looking forward to both contributing and growing.