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    Hello everyone, it's nice to be apart of this. My name is Kyle and there isn't much about myself. I am a student majoring in welding at Elgin community college in IL, a guitar player(instrumental folk i.e. Leo Kottke, and death metal). Other than that i am a simple person, laid back and chill. But dedicated to that which i persue. I am also a practitioner of some chi kung and have done much reading on the understandings of chi but mainly i practice Kuji In. But I wish to go on another path. One of the reasons I have come here is I am looking for someone who can instruct me and be my teacher in the art of Mo Pai nei kung. I aspire to do this because I myself have felt a calling to be a healer. So that is what I intend to follow. I have no desire to train in nei kung for it's martial application, for me it's strictly for the purpose to heal as John Chang is seen to do. If there is any of you who can help guide me in my quest please contact me via e-mail to talk more and to decide whether or not I am worthy. once again greetings to all, it's good to be here. And for those who can help me my e-mail is [email protected] Kyle