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  1. Ya Mu, what do you think about this video, is it a correct scenario, that the atlas slips past the styloid prosess? atlas And is the correction the same in your system(but not as painful)- to reposition the atlas posterior to the styloid prosesses and into the occipital condyles?
  2. Well, it seems to have been stopped in Oregon: Stopped in oregon
  3. Matrix Energetics

    I hope your research in other areas of life, is better than your effort here. Your completely off. A 2 point lasts for a fraction of a second, doesn`t sound like a reiki session. Cheers
  4. Nei Gong: Taoist Process of Internal Change

    If you don`t approve their systems nor teaching them, what`s the point claiming their lineage????
  5. DNA Activation

    Yes, that`s the one. Place your hand in the air just above the book.
  6. DNA Activation

    Hi, Yes, I have done his seminars 4-5 years ago. If you want to feel the reconnestion energy, which is quite easy to feel, just hold your hand over the reconnection book. It`s is quite an experience to do a healig or a reconnection, but who can proove that it activates DNA? Anyway it,was quite popular in my country for a while, but strangely enough you hardly can find anyone who is offering reconnection these days. The real interesting thing these days is Matrix Energetics, where you often get instanteneous effects, and alot of fun.
  7. Kunlun Forum - New launched

    At: http://mykunlun.com/blogs/kunlun/archive/2...e-notes.aspx#88 Is Max teaching B.K. Frantzis system-most of the sets have the same names?? Kan anyone who knows clarify this? I read the following comment to someones first kunlun seminar: The five parts form a cycle of the five elements. They all feed into each other after they have been embodied in their own seperate sets. Begin with the element of water and the yin flow of chi from Heaven to Earth Opening the Energy Gates" .Move onto The Spiralling Energy Body which embodies the upward yang energy of the fire element. The Yin and Yang forces- side channes moon & sun- are combined within the Marriage of Heaven and Earth which corresponds to the element of wood -circulation of the energy of the Golden Flower- Back channel, Governing Yang "DUChannel " + front Channel Conceining Yin "Ren Channel". The element of metal is embodied by Bend the Bow and Shoot the Arrow which causes strong compression and release of energy. Finally all the previous physical and energetic practices are combined as we move into the element of earth with the set Gods Playing in the Clouds. The Marriage of Heaven and Earth The practice is then taken deeper into the fluids of the body - the blood, lymph, synovial and cerebrospinal fluids. When this material is fully integrated the body moves as one interconnected piece. The energetic work combines the descending and ascending energy currents to move Qi through the micro and macro cosmic orbits. The energies of heaven and earth are joined within the Dan-Tien (the centre point of the body). Catarsis, through dinamic movements. The brain core is energised and negative emotions cleared from the body, thus bridging the gap between nei gung and Taoist meditation. - All energetic movements. Spiralling the Energy Body, physical movements as Opening the Energy Gates as the energy work to release. Release your energy and physical blockages - Opening the Energy Gates . The Spiralling Energy Body concentrates on the flow of chi, this can dramatically increase your energy levels. Thoroughly dissolving your energy and physical blockages. Release energeticaly and body-mind blockages, then your energy is neutral and your blocks released. The Marriage of Heaven and Earth and makes the body very open and strong. After practice the body gains the quality of 'sprung steel', which is the main component . This set is used to correct back problems and improve posture, as well as overhauling and strengthening the central nervous system. The energetic movement is from periphery to center and from center to periphery throughout the whole body, circulation of the energy of the "Golden Flower", creating a magnetic field that can be projected, which is the main component of 'Fa Jing' - the ability to release enrgy to project a person away from you. Also as a healing energy
  8. Chunyi Lin's SFQ

    Well, if I remember correctly, Frantzis claimed that there actually was eleven different small circulations.... He didn`t elaborate on it though. Does somebody know anything about the 11 small circulations?
  9. Frantzis and China

    This might have been true 15-20 years ago, before Bruce broke his back,but not so much after that. He has mellowed. I never witnessed anything like that while attending many of his retreats from 1996 to 2002. Some people get annoied of his personality, but thats another story..
  10. hair regrowth

    WIG ?
  11. Shaking Practice in Bali

    No, not this year. I`m shooting for the Animal daoyin, which I`ve done before. It`s awesome, incredibly funny (espesially the monkey) and a lot of spontaneous movements. The "spirit" of the diferent animals can clearly be recognized. And I might also sign up for the Yi Jin Ching.
  12. Shaking Practice in Bali

    Here in Europe this spontaneous Qigong and Healing system has been thought for 20 years. Not completely the same , but some elements seems similar. Taijiwuxigong Click the Spontaneous movement link to read about it.
  13. Hi

    Hi, I have studied qigong and energy for about 15 years. I found this forum recently, and it looks very interesting. Glad to be here. Cheers