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  1. semen in urine

    Hey alexandrov, Ooopsy! I hadn't seen this post and I put a lengthy reply in your intro post. Hope you get better!
  2. Whiskey and beer

    Wow, Charlie, I'm thinking back to my college days when I didn't tame my Irish and German innate nature and "drinking games" were part of my weekly This game sure raises the philosophical bar at least a few notches from the standard college drinking games of Beer Pong, Quarters, Bullshit, and
  3. HI guys im in desperate need for help

    Hi Alexandrov, I agree with what Michael has said. What you are describing sounds symptomatic of Kundalini syndrome, and there is also more going on there than that. I do not practice all of the things you mentioned, so I don't fully understand what you were practicing, but I am a spiritual healer and my guides are Qigong "experts". The exercises you were doing were particularly focused on the Root Chakra area. The root chakra is where the Kundalini fire begins. It's where the energy begins to uncoil. Due to excessive stimulation, you let the fire burn out of control. The idea is that as we work through our blockages, Kundalini energy rises up the spinal column as the blockages are removed ascending through the chakras. For you, it never ascended past the root chakra, due to your blockages. You have a major block in your sacral chakra, there is a strong lack of emotional connection to your sexuality. Rather than the energy being evenly distrubuted through your chakras, it is like a forest fire in the root chakra. Now what has occurred is you have gotten "sick" in the root chakra area as a result of this. This angers you. Anger is also derived from the root chakra area. You have also disconnected from this area of your body because it is not working for you. So, your root chakra is in quite the quandry because you aren't loving it up right now and loving it up is what it needs. It needs gentleness to tame the fire so that you can work on your blockages in a healthy way. There are a lot of people here who are more educated in specific practices than I. I think acupuncture or TCM would be very helpful to you. But I can only advise to you what I would suggest for a client who showed up at my office. If you'd like to use it, I hope it helps. If not, I hope someone else here can lead you to the help you are looking for. Lay down on your back and using your right hand, do gentle clockwise circles over your root chakra area while doing deep belly breathing. Do not breathe so deep that you engage the root chakra, but do breathe deep enough that you engage the sacral chakra. Pay attention that your chest does not lift on the inhale. Exhale the breath at a normal pace. Do this for about 7 breaths. Next, do gentle testicular massage, just testicular, though. During the massage, continue breathing, but this time breathe into the chest, not the belly. When you exhale, do short, gentle exhales until all the air has expelled. Do this for about two minutes. Then, there are two points on either side of your groin that I sense are tender to the touch. (A TCM expert would know them, but I think you'll know it when you palpate around there.) Using one hand on each side, apply a fingertip of pressure there for about a minute while deep breathing again into the belly engaging this time down to root chakra with a forceful exhale. Do three breaths. Three forceful exhales. Cough if you feel it. Gag if it comes to that. I'd like to hear you scream to let out that anger. But it is your experience. After that, settle into quiet and tap your heart chakra with your right hand for about a minute with gentle breathing. Smile to your heart. I know it will help, though I feel you might also need something more aggressive for the physical damage. Maybe look into acupuncture or TCM or homeopathy. Basically, the circles would help to ground you, the initial breathing would help to begin to open the blockages in your sacral chakra so the Kundalini energy can flow more balanced, the massage would help with nerve repair and drainage, the chest breathing and tapping would help to begin to open the heart chakra, help relieve the tightness and anxiety you feel there, and begin to connect you emotionally to your sexuality. The fingerpoint pressure and deep breathing all the way down the root chakra will help cleanse out the gooky stuff. If you do that for about two weeks, you'll feel better. I hope you'll give it a try and I hope that you have relief soon! In Light, Amy
  4. Whiskey and beer

    *Peering over my right shoulder to my copy of Journey to Ixtlan on the book shelf.* I was thinking of this, too, as I was writing my response. I'd like to hear what the well-versed in Castaneda say, too. I was also thinking that sometimes, I guess, chemically altering your state of consciousness might help you to see something you never knew existed. Kind of like Plato's cave theory. If you think life is just shadows on a wall, then you would never be motivated to see anything but shadows. Nothing would motivate you to turn around to see the people dancing. I could see how a drug, such as peyote, might help you to "turn around". But still, I feel like it puts the notion out there that enlightenment is more attainable or equally attainable through external natural forces rather than internal or universal ones.
  5. Whiskey and beer

    Hmmm...good topic. Well, in my opinion, in the grand scheme of life, a few drinks on occassion seem like no big whoop. But, when we break the grand scheme of life down to each moment, then it becomes an issue. Any chemical that artificially alters the state of consciousness would be counterproductive to spiritual growth. If you take one moment of artificial altered consciousness, that is taking a moment away from genuine altered consciousness that leads to spiritual growth. I know a few drinks loosen me up and make me more fun to be around, but I try to achieve being easy-going and fun to be around without assistance. (That being said, I did have two Rum and Coke's last If we rely on alcohol, even for one moment, to assist us to achieve something that can be achieved without it, then it is nothing more than a crutch. Some might say that having a few drinks helps them to open up spiritually. But to me, that's like picking the lock on a door for which one has not yet found the key.
  6. Thanking other beings and calling on them

    Hahaha. Yeah...I never let them I do think, though, that channeling may enhance one's creativity and that is very inspiring. I have participated in the "entertaining" channeling, but I learned quickly that it is something that needs to be harnessed and cultivated and like any other power should not be used willy nilly. Now I only allow the guides through to speak if it is for a specific healing purpose. I don't do it to fulfill other's curiosity. Not all channeling is the same. Some people do it to feed ego. And I have met some channelers who were very unstable and very ungrounded, yet they won't stop because it's like an addiction for them. Or, they view it as some ultra-special gift that defines them. For me, I recognize that there may come a time when I don't utilize channeling anymore on my path because I will have found other ways to access the source directly. I was reading that the shamans in ancient Taoism would conjure a guide and the guide would fill them so the shaman could have access to the guide's knowledge and power. That is essentially what is called "conscious channeling" today, which is what I do. While it is still very important to stay grounded, which I'm learning better to do, it is a very good tool to have in the chest when it comes to doing healing work. I also agree, it comes easier for kids than adults. Kids haven't been all screwed up by society's expectations and suffering yet. Haha.
  7. Thanking other beings and calling on them

    Hi T! I would say that my guides really don't talk as much as they "do". I have written pretty much about it in my intro post in the intro thread. Mostly, they perform Qi Gong healing on me. They have told me a story of creation, though I don't know if it was all of creation or just how I came to exist. I interact with them a lot in dreams. In my daily life, I call on them in drawing, writing, singing, etc... It is voluminous to get into. But, they taught me about Hinduism of which I knew nothing. They led me to Taoism through drawings I have done and through journeys. They taught me toning, which I had never even heard of. Things like that and so much more. I can't say that I have ever been misled this far. I was working with someone I considered a mentor and they kept telling me the mentor had to go, and I felt distrustful of them because I had so much trust in my mentor. But, eventually I did let the mentor go, and now in retrospect, I see how that mentor was not only brainwashing me, but working his own agenda pulling me from my path. I have had much more peace and growth since I let the mentor go. I see them in my mind's eye. Sometimes I journey with them. They speak through me, so I hear them also. I also feel their personality fill me up. It's hard to explain. I have met other channelers, but their experiences seem radically different from mine in that their guides don't take over their whole body like my guides take over mine. People tell me my whole being seems to change. I don't know why that is. I don't really have tips on how to contact them other than to be open. My guides came to me through a Reiki attunement. One day I breathed, and the next day my breath sounded like wind, and the next day, a voice came through singing and she filled me up and started moving my hands tapping my chakras, etc... While I believe anyone can channel, I have no idea how to help people to do it other than by teaching or suggesting they do Qi Gong, as that is the primary practice my guides teach me. Most people who have asked me that or whom I have tried to help become afraid and stop. I think it takes a great deal of faith and trust in the "unknown". Even still, I have difficulty trusting my guides sometimes. It is scary to give yourself over to another being in that way.
  8. Typical Whacko

    Cristoph, thank you for the suggestion! I will look into it to see what it is all about. Ian, thank you for the welcome! I agree mostly with you, here. When I first began channeling, I really had to work hard to build up my energy to bring them through and I would be exhausted afterward. Now, I find it has the opposite effect. Channeling seems to invigorate me now. I only seem to get fatigued when I'm working on other people, so I think I'm absorbing the icky stuff of people. I also agree with what you say about outgrowing guides. When I began channeling, the main guide I channeled was feminine and she was very loving to me. I channeled her primarily for about year. She worked Qi Gong on me through tapping and breathing to heal me. She also talked a lot. Over the last six mo months, though, a male guide came into the primary picture. He is less warm and fuzzy and more get to the point. His bodywork is different in that he utilizes mudras and I guess acupressure or something as he always seems to be poking at trigger points. He does more strenuous exercises with me, too. He also doesn't say much and pulls me into a trance type state that is very peaceful and still. I had read somewhere that it is normal to progress from a loving guide to a more impersonal guide, though I don't recall the reasoning. I still feel the feminine presence, but when I channel now, I primarily channel the masculine guide. This makes perfect sense with what I have been experiencing. Thank you. Thank you for this also. Over the last few months, I significantly slowed the pace of my life. I stopped working at my business, do healings on very few people now, just very close friends and family, and I just stay home now and take care of the family so that I can devote more time to healing, etc...I see that even though I have slowed things externally, I need to also slow them internally. I have a very difficult time focusing during meditation, so I also agree that I need to incorporate more stillness in meditation instead of always interacting with my guides during meditation. I don't think this was possible for me before (I think I'm one of those former ADHD, but I have noticed my consciousness seems to be changing and I can do it now. I have especially been working at grounding exercises, and that seems to be helping. Thanks so much for your perspective! It really helped!
  9. Typical Whacko

    Thanks so much, Yuanqi, for the reading suggestions. I will check it all out. Meeting you here has been a fascinating experience. I said in my opening post that my guides told me I would meet one person here (at least) who could help me make sense of some things that are going on with me and as usual, they were right about that. You have really been helping me to open my eyes! I find it to be no coincidence that you are also Reiki attuned and know your guides, as well as your girlfriend doing shaman and energy work and working with her guides very similarly to how I work with mine. I don't know about you, but I know very few people who I can share these experiences with. Mostly, they just give me that blank stare look and the person thinks I've gone over the edge. But I have a lot in common with both of you. You arrived at the Tao Bums not too long ago, and then I showed up and there you were to help me out! Coincidence! Hahaha. I laughed at your "married/divorced, married/divorced" and how it put some things on hold for you, because I experienced the same. I was married/divorced, married/divorced, and now remarried...again. I had been studying for my master's degree in counseling psychology at the time of my second divorce, but I had to put it on hold because of it. After that, I entered into massage therapy because I wanted to get into touch therapy. There was something about sitting across the room from someone while they tell you all their problems that was just too impersonal for me. The process was too slow for me. I also had a teacher there at the time who kept encouraging me to explore Taoism, but I read the Tao Te Ching, and I just didn't get it. I now know what he was hinting at. But I left the program (and lost contact with the teacher) and I wanted to get into some kind of touch therapy (at that time I was looking into Orgone therapy). Little did I know that the reason I felt pulled into that was so that I could awaken what had been there all along. At that time, I had no idea what "energy work" or "Reiki" or any of that stuff was. I never even heard of "chakras" or any of it. Then one of my teachers at my massage therapy school was a Reiki master, and well, the rest is history. My guides have taken me through some lessons in Hindu teachings, but when my guide, Jonin, came into the picture, I felt pulled toward something else. I just wasn't sure where I was being pulled to. But having found this place, and having met you, I see that a lot of what I have been doing all along in my healing practice and self-healing is qi qong, acupressure, and spiritual healing that seems very similar to Taoist shaman work. Even the conscious channeling I do is similar to what the ancient Tao shamans practiced from what I have read, allowing the guide to enter the body and utilizing their power. I have also been doing mudras now for a while, but I didn't know what they were until you mentioned them yesterday in your post and I looked it up. I especially do mudras during self-healing meditations, different ones over different chakras usually. I had no idea what it was. I usually just let my guides take over. I got my first book on Taoism in the mail yesterday. As I read the book I have, which gives a history and overview of the various forms and philosophy of Taoism, the branch of Taoism that stood out to me most so far was Mao Shan. I don't know much about it, but I noticed that you said you do meditations from it. If you don't mind my asking, where can I learn these things? In books or school? Again, I welcome any suggestions you may have. You also suggested I read up on Five Element theory, Yin Yang, and the Trigrams??? (I don't even know what trigrams are.) Do you have reading you can suggest for me there? I know I'm making you work hard here, but there is so much information out there, I have difficulty deciphering it all, because it often feels like learning a foreign language to me, only they are concepts, not words. And also, my guides are telling me to trust you, that you are very gifted and helpful. I'm not just trying to flatter you into continuing to help me, I have one more question. This may sound weird, but since Jonin seems to be oriented to things you know about and I don't, I'll give it a shot. When I first met Jonin in dream, we were in a place and there was butter on the counter. He said, "I can't believe you humans eat that crap." lol. He's pretty crass and doesn't mess around with fluffy words and He began telling me something about excretion. I don't remember exactly what. But then he ate the butter. Then he vomited. The vomiting seemed deliberate, like he did it intentionally. I looked at him puzzled and he said, "It must come out the same way it goes in." Now, I think he may have been referring to that crappy western But I felt his statement about coming out the same way it goes in was very significant and that some how the human excretory system factors in. Any thoughts? Hahaha. I'm looking over my message here and I notice that my posts to you are very lengthy. Luckily, I type about 80 I'm wanting to edit and But Jonin, especially since I was just talking about him here, is present and laughing, telling me to SEND, SEND! Thank you!
  10. Typical Whacko

    Thank you so much, Yuanqi, for your feedback! I also apologize for spelling your name wrong...everywhere... I find everything you say so fascinating and it all rings quite true for me! I'd like to make a few comments... This really stands out to me, because part of the Fibromyalgia causes me to have extremely sensitive skin. I have explained it to my husband to help him understand what is wrong with me that when he touches my skin it hurts and feels good at the same time. Feels good, 'cuz it's affectionate, but hurts from the Fibro causing such sensitivity. So, on the physical level, I can understand what was going on there now. Also, when I entered into spiritual healing, I did so naively without protection...which has led to all the muck I'm dealing with now, so again, on a spiritual level, I can understand about activating my protective layers. I don't know either. I know in integrated energy therapy, we deal with the adrenals, which we access through that region, I didn't know if that played into it. Also, I did recently gain weight quickly. It is adding to wreaking havoc on my system. I thought it might have been referring to my body mass ratio or something. I should be one third smaller....LOL! That is so interesting. I never heard of such a thing. I really need to get educated on tcm! What Fibromyalgia was causing, for me, was both a dull aching all over and also sharp pain at trigger points. But actually, through several healing over the last months, the dull aching is mostly gone. Now, what I am left with is the sharp pains at all the trigger points. So, this makes a lot of sense. Maybe qi is starting to flow again and we're working on removing the blocks that will alleviate the sharp pain? Wow, I palpated Sp I think you may be right with your gut in that it is the spleen channel. See, a year ago, I was very healthy, active. I ate pretty healthy. I didn't over indulge much. I wasn't the ideal or anything, but I was "normal". Then with my business, stress, a lot happened last year, my diet went downhill. I stopped exercising. I think that has really been the main contributor to my Fibro. I need to get that blood pumping again, huh! I have been working on getting exercising again and trying to watch what I eat, but I think my root chakra is shut down or something, because I just can't seem to get it going. My libido has been affected, too. When your skin is ultra-sensitive and touch is painful, I guess that's one of the effects...I don't know. It's like a nasty chain reaction. I have felt for a couple weeks like things are turning around for me and that I'll get the motivation boost I need to get disciplined. I hope I'm coming into it. I have felt for some time that I need to change what I eat, but I just...don't know what to eat... I have a large family to feed and they are all picky eaters. I am, too. I'm lacking some education here, but I don't know where to go to get educated on a good diet. Oftentimes, I will read of Eastern diets and I have never heard of a lot of the foods let alone know where to buy them. Mhm...the fatigue was really bad for me a couple months ago. It's better now. I stopped drinking coffee altogether for the most part. I don't drink much alcohol. No tobacco. But, like I said, I do need to eat better. Wow, that is a coincidence! My blood is stagnate, so I guess they were letting me know it needs to be invigorated! I also have irregular cycles, especially when I'm carrying extra weight. I think I better get exercising again ASAP! I want to thank you sooooo much for the time you have taken to give me some education and insight. I really am dealing with something that is very new to me. I have been extremely "westernized" all my life. Do you have any suggestions for resources or reading material where I could learn more about...what we are discussing here in laymen's terms? I do have anatomy and physio and have some medical background under my belt so I can handle the technical terms for the most part. But tcm, qi qong, etc...are a bit overwhelming and foreign to me from a typical western upbringing. If you can think of anything I can read that you can suggest, that would be great. Then I wouldn't keep asking you what all my dreams and experiences mean. LOL!! I do thank you so much for your time!!!
  11. Thanking other beings and calling on them

    Hahaha...I understand what you are saying. When I first began going through channeling, I felt like I was going crazy. I did some research on Kundalini energy rising some time ago and noticed that one of the "side effects" could be psychosis. I laughed because I could relate very well to that. When I began channeling, I felt very much like I was going insane. The self-healing alone was a roller coaster ride I wouldn't want to ride twice. I admit, it is difficult to find the "quiet" when there are conversations with guides almost constantly throughout my day. Most people go on meds for that kind of activity. LOL! I do sometimes feel it is very distracting. I am working on the discipline of achieving quiet and stillness. My guides help me with that, too. I can get there, but the moment is so fleeting. I lack discipline.
  12. spirt guides yes or no

    Hi! My experience is similar to Yuangi and his girlfriend's experiences. I am a conscious channeler, which means I channel my guides through me and get the benefit of interacting with them directly and remembering everything that has transpired. The drawback is that it is sometimes difficult for me to move aside for the guides to come through unfiltered. It means that I don't always "get their message". I am a recovering control freak...I'm working on building more trust. lol. The guides come through usually as a visual human or animal form in my third eye first, then their personality just fills me up. They all have different accents, speak different languages, or do different things. For example, one of my guides sings through me. One draws. One dances and does yoga through me. One, I am learning, is a warrior. One channels through to do healing work on myself or others or sometimes I lead the healing and she assists. As far as I know, I currently channel four. Sometimes they are present simultaneously. They use all of my faculties....sight, sound, voice, my body. I don't know how many guides I have, though. When others do energy work on me, they often say it feels like a crowd has filled the room. I say I am just I am often surrounded by many animal guides. Eagle, Hawk, Parrot, Sparrow, Horse, and Lion. I think that some of my guides have an animal form and human form. (For example, Parrot is the guide who dances.) Similar to Yuangi, my guides seem to help me function better. I don't know yoga or Qi Qong. They teach me. I never was much of a singer. They helped me with breathing and training and now I sing to stimulate chakras. Many people notice an improvement in my singing. I can't draw very well, at all. But when I enter the meditative state and allow the guide to take my hand, I draw much better. Still no Rembrandt, but the symbolism and objects that I draw are things I would never be able to conjure up on my own. They also help me with my psychic ability. The work I do entails utilizing empathic psychic ability. They help me to function better in daily life. For example, this weekend I was shooting pool with my husband. I have never beat him. I have never come close to beating him in a game of pool. I am not good at it. I called on Jonin, my warrior guide, to show me how to do it. I had a run of 5 balls for the win. Yay! That has NEVER happened in my life. I even conducted an experiment with it. I played the next game with my husband, but I did not call on Jonin, but simply shifted my breathing and focus. I did not win, I did not play as well as Jonin could, but I did better than I would have done without shifted breathing and better focus. I view spirit guides as friends and teachers that are simply not living a human life on Earth at the moment. They are no different to me than my "real life" family and friends. It often feels that I have one foot here on Earth and one foot from where I came from and where I will go. It does not make for the most functional living here on Earth, but...I wouldn't have it any other way at the moment. I am a testimony to what you are saying here...hahaha. I was under the notion that I was always protected in light when I opened my healing practice. Within a year of running myself ragged doing healings, I developed a flare up of Fibromyalgia. I ended my practice in December in order to heal myself. As I go through the healing process, I am learning more and more about protecting myself better. I am also beginning to recognize when I have a spirit or energy in my presence that is uninvited and unwelcomed. It feels as a weakness in my lower spine. That is how I know I am not dealing with a guide or invited presence. I call on the Supreme, my guides, and my own power to protect me when I get this feeling. I have found this has been very effective, though I do worry a bit that if I am feeling the weakness in my lower spine when such an entity presents itself if it is already too late and that the reason I am feeling the weakenss is because I have already absorbed the negative energy. If this is the case, I don't know how to protect myself prior to feeling the sensation in my lower spine.
  13. Thanking other beings and calling on them

    I love the topic, Michael! I am still going through the process of learning who to call on. I was always somewhat aware of my "guides", but they seemed distant. I did all of my praying to the Supreme Being and I figured if I was meant to know my guides, then the prayer would trickle wherever it needed to go. I did this through an eclectic belief system. I have been everything from Atheistic to Catholic to the list goes on and on and on. I would admit, however, I have never truly embraced ONE belief system. I view them as all one in the same, just different strokes for different folks. When I became very aware of my guides through channeling, I found that while they are very helpful, they can also be quite a distraction. I have been told by others that one can go directly to "the source" without all the interference of the guides and get the same, or better, "results". That if someone is utilizing guides directly, it is because they feel they need the concrete distraction and don't yet have an understanding of what "accessing the source" is. I think that is the boat I'm in at the moment. IME, I am working on embracing what has many different names...the "Christ Consciousness" is the one I mostly go by. From my limited understanding, this is about accessing the Supreme source directly rather than going through the distractions that guides can impose. However, I would not know this if I did not pay attention to my guide who said that I am to repeat the mantra, "I am my Solar Christ" that led me to beginning to understand what I am discussing here. Though, I still don't know exactly what "Solar Christ" means... The way I see it at the moment, is that it is all about energy. Guides can show you how to balance your energy, build it up, but they can not actually increase it for you. When dealing with "the source", the fluff falls away, making more energy available to you. Even that definition falls short for me, because I don't view the Supreme in "quantity", but rather "quality". Where I am now, I thank and call on the Supreme first and foremost, but I bow in respect and humility to well....all creatures...and accept gratefully whatever any being of light is willing to share with me. It certainly is a journey with many twists and turns. I would guess, for now, that accessing "the source" directly without distractions of guides straightens out the road a bit. Warm Fuzzies, Amy
  14. Typical Whacko

    Thank you for the welcome everyone! Yuangi, I have a couple comments and questions for you. It is always nice to know there are others who share my experiences. I did find the Sp 21 point. It was easy to find because it hurt so Interestingly, the day you suggested that, I was having extreme pain in that whole region that limited the mobility of my arms. I'm feeling better there now. One thing I do is what I call "intuitive acupressure", but that is not a point I was drawn to before. I didn't know that is what I was doing until I noticed that my hands would go to specific places for self-healing or healing on others for specific ailments. I got a book on acupressure and found that was what I was doing. Part of the problem I have is that my intuitive healing work is so varied, it is hard for me to narrow down my studies. I feel like I have my foot dipped in many pools of water, but I am not submerged in any. It is an interesting journey, though. I am on my way to narrowing the focus. After reading what your girlfriend does, I now know that I also do shaman work because I do those things also, though I have not had a human teacher specifically for it. I wish I did, but I don't even know any. I pray for it, though. I imagine that her healing acupuncture work must be AMAZING with the added healing energies. You have affirmed for me that I need to be studying up on Taoism, Yin and Yang. I had a dream last week where I met someone named, "King Gemini." I did some research on Gemini and from what I found, in Chinese, it refers specifically to Yin and Yang. Why can't my guides just tell me this stuff in a way I can understand??? lol. I's not's me...hahaha. The night after I read your post, I had a dream. Perhaps you may know something about the Chinese Meridian system or something that I do not that may help me with the details? I would greatly appreciate any insight you could offer. (If anyone else can help, that's great, too!) I dreamt that I was lying on a table, it seemed like a sterile hospital environment. There was a young Asian man doing some kind of work on me. He's new. I never met him before. He seemed to be a student because he kept referring over to an older Asian man, whom I recognized as "Jonin". Jonin seemed to be encouraging the younger man in his work on me. I felt like I was there for surgery, but the young man put his hands on my chest and said, "I'm working on your lungs." He seemed to be worried that he would offend me or something, or that he wasn't sure if what he was doing was okay. He didn't seem to lack confidence in what he was doing. It seemed more of a social issue, that he wasn't sure if he was crossing boundaries on me or something. He moved down to my solar plexus and he said, "You have too much blood here." I began to recognize the work he was doing and I nodded and said, "I know the work you are doing," because I recognized he was doing integrated energy therapy. But I didn't understand what he meant by "too much blood." He began pulling "icky stuff" out of my energy field. He was VERY dramatic as if each pull he performed made him woozy and light-headed. Then he said, "You have Three in here, not Two. You should have only Two, not Three." He was still in the solar plexus region. I don't know what that meant. A female "nurse" came in and began to prep my solar plexus region for surgery. She rubbed Iodine on my stomach region. At this point, I didn't know what was going on. I asked and the nurse said, "You need to have it removed." I was okay with it. I wasn't afraid, but I was curious. The young man came to my feet. He took a sharp metal object, like sharp tweezers or something, and began pulling on the inside of my big toe on each foot to remove something. He was very dramatic about that, as well. He did the left foot first. It was soooo painful. I swear it REALLY hurt in the dream! I began to scream at the pain, but then I calmed myself and stopped screaming and did deep breathing instead. With that, I went out of body in the dream. I was now standing outside of myself at the table with the young man. I looked down at my feet. They were quite sore and there were open wounds where he had done the work on the inside of my big toes. I saw the other part of on the table. My stomach had been cut open and it was filled with a white powdery substance. It was either salt or sugar...maybe both. The young man was down on my left thigh, about half way down. He had made an incision and was pulling up an artery or vein. I had my left hand over my solar plexus where I was cut open and I was doing energy work there while the young man was pulling the vein out of my left leg. As he finished, my middle-finger on my left hand that was over my solar plexus began to vibrate uncontrollably. Almost as if it was separate from me. I showed it to the young man and said, "Look at that!" And we laughed. The dream shifted and I was back in my body and I was no longer on the table. The nurse said, "We were unable to complete the work." I said, "What do you mean?" I could feel that I had been all cut up...the solar plexus, the left leg, both feet. She said, "We couldn't finish it." I said, "So you cut me all open and sewed me back up, but nothing was done?" And the dream ended. I have a bit of an impression on what some parts of the dream meant, and I'm pretty certain it's dealing with some blocked energy channels, and other things, but I'm not sure. Can you offer any wisdom, Yuangi, or others? I would appreciate it very much! Eric, thank you for that information. I actually do almost all of my meditation standing. I have always been led by my guides to stand, and sometimes dance by swaying in meditation. I thought it was because I have focus issues...I can't sit still. It makes it easier for me to focus this way. But maybe it is for other reasons than my inability to sit to meditate. Thank you for that! Oh wow! Lol! That's weird, huh??? I did a little research also, and there is prominent figure in Nicherin Buddhism named Toki Jonin, the warrior thing makes the most sense, I think. Exploring the tree makes sense to me, and especially the metal element. Actually, one of my friends who channels had a guide come through and tell me I needed metal, but I didn't know what that meant. It's beginning to make sense. My physical body has taken a beating over the last year or so. I used to be pretty athletic and Now, I feel "old" and I'm only 34! I will check out Michael Winn, also. Thanks, Chris, for the suggestions and the welcome!
  15. I LOVED IT! I am STILL loving it! (I get excited about such things...;-)) I'm going to watch it again!