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  1. Hello from Richmond

    Welcome Chris. I recently moved to Minnesota after living in RVA for 21 years. Are you taking advantage of weekend Taiji in Maymont Park? Be well, TJ
  2. Tea!

    YiXing pots made from zisha clay. They are nice. I had several, one conditioned for each type of tea I regularly drink. ALL of them got smashed in a recent move. Some of them I had been using regularly for years. Now, I use porcelain for them all. TiQuanYin is a favorite of mine too. All woody or flowery Oolongs make my heart sing. Puerh is the one I drink most these days. As for tisanes ("teas" made from plants other than actual tea), my taiji teacher has suggested ginger tea with a little brown sugar.
  3. The 100 day Meditation Experiment

    I'm in. Funny that I was watching my taiji coach's qigong video this morning and decided to begin this very practice in addition to the bear frolic (for deficient kidney). Glad I logged in today. Be well, TJ AKA FNG
  4. Yang Short Form DVD?

    Good morning Can anyone suggest a good DVD covering the short form of Yang Taiji? All help is appreciated. Thanks TJ
  5. Where to start

    Mcompton1973, Thank you for your "ignorant" questions Great thread. Very informative. TJ
  6. Hi from Richmond, VA US

    Hello all, I'm a recovering couch potato who's recently started reading on and conteplating the dao. Saturday morning I had the pleasure of beginning the short form of Yang Taiji in a local park. I have been playing those three moves whenever the opportunity arises. I welcome any recommendations for a Lao Tzu translation suitable for one with no background in Chinese. Thanks and be well TJ
  7. Another "Hello" from VA

    Hi All, Just registered after finding the forum by searching for shoes that feel close to barefoot. Odd. Anyway....... my interests are the woods, the mountains, primitive skills, the flow of things, playing with cats and kids, the wind, and going barefoot whenever and wherever possible. Be well, TJ