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  1. Introducing pain into meditation

    You might be interested in Osho's explanation of a meditation from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, "Pierce some part of your nectar-filled form with a pin [...]" Never tried though, I fear needles
  2. I tried the practice, actually I can feel the return to motion of stuck blood/qi, and I feel better. But I stop after a bunch of slaps. Sincerily the purple marks on the limbs do not look very inviting.
  3. Following to the letter Lam Kam Chuen's instructions, that it to relax the body, each and every part of it, I feel it as flabby and tender. The second part is quite a pleasure, to be noted. But I do not think the posture is so lax. The hands are there, maybe the thumbs fall. Anyone lived the same impressions? Thanks
  4. Zhan zhuang length

    Guys you are all giving me great suggestions. I hope you will forgive if I stick to the current source and try to deepen my understanding. I received different impressions from reading Lam Kam Chuen's book, that you should go beyond what's confortable, "to grow beyond your normal limits of endurance". So after my practice, today, I felt exhausted and sad. Is it qi work, or is it overdoing? Professor Yu says the main sign of overdoing is that you cannot feel rest even after sleeping. Beside pain, lack of energy, feeling exhausted and loss of appetite and so on. But the main sign to take into account is that we do not recover simply after sleeping. I cannot really understand that But, does it mean that the other signs are of less importance, and can be disregarded? I take special care in wording. Thanks
  5. Inner smile and yin tang

    Thanks guys, what I don't understand is how you can use something fake as a way to reality. One should step down from illusions to what is real, whatever it is, and beyond. My point of view.
  6. Zhan zhuang breathing

    Thanks GreytoWhite, my question, is it not a 'do', rather than a 'be'? I mean, practice should lead to a effortless flow. if I work on my breathing, no matter how subtly, it is still a job-for-a-result.
  7. Hello, Lam Kam Chuen, in his book The Way of Energy, chapter 2 Breathing and Relaxing, writes Quietly and slowly breathe out through your nose. As you exhale, draw your belly in so that you feel you are squeezing the air out of your torso from the bottom up. Breathe out smoothly and soundlessly, until you feel you have emptied your lungs. Emptying the lungs needs quite a lot of energy. How much do you squeeze?
  8. Watching this video from Mantak Chia He says "Smile in front of you [...] feel a smile energy in front of you". This really I cannot manage to get. He takes it for granted that it is that easy, and immediate, and readily available. Is here anybody capable of that? Couple of seconds later he adds, "In taoism we always refer to the forehead [here] as the happy center". So I believe that giving attention to the yin tang awakens its properties of being able to project, to see happy energy. Does anybody support this statement? Thanks
  9. Zhan zhuang length

    According to my reading of Yu Yong Nian's book, the range is between fatigue disappearing right away, and fatigue that cannot fade even after a sleep, and lasts several days (most important sign).
  10. Zhan zhuang length

    @cobi ZZ is not frozen liveless standing, it is full of activity. Somehow it is discovering the white dot within the black field, even if I don't think that is the aim of practice.
  11. Zhan zhuang length

    Hello, I'm currently experiencing aversion for the length of time in my practice. After 3/4 of time, I'm starting to hope for the end. In Way of Energy Lam Kam Chuen talks about aiming at 15 minutes after 6 weeks, and 20 after 9. I suppose this is for the young and healthy, and later in the book says some cases have specific adaptations. As well, Yu Yong Nian says that if you end the session without tiredness, the time is too short. What is your sign of 'enough'? Comfort zone, or beyond? Thanks!
  12. Hello, about the closing practices, generally I see there is a 'return to lower dantian', either by spiralling or by overlapping hands, or other means. Since I believe that, spiritually speaking, real things are something already hidden within us, I'm wondering what is the principle underlying spiralling clockwise and counterclockwise when closing the MCO. At least to me it's not natural, looks like a device to fix the attention on the lower dantian. And maybe all artificial things should be dropped. Is this spiralling practice falling in place somehow for someone? What is the sensation telling the closing is complete and done right? Can you really put qi 'in' the lower tantien? Thanks
  13. Hi guys, I've practiced the Brocade set from the Chinese Health Qigong Association Dvds, but I cannot infer important details from the booklet or the video. Main of which is the strength or effort you should put in the push/stretch excercises. Clearly the set is the harmonious mixing of soft-yin with the strong-yang. But how much yang? I have read, the strength for toppling mountains. That is quite a heap of force. Good news it should not be muscular. I understand, but I'd like to get confirmation, that more than force what is important is the awareness/presence during the movement. Awareness should teach the right amount. Still I feel there is a part of me willing to 'push' a little more than the easy. The usual 'no pain, no gain' conditioning that wants to make all difficult. I tried also with a soft force, just enough to make the arm straight, without trying to distance/stretch the joints. That has a remarkable effect of making me more alert. Like coffee, so to speak But the Baduanjin booklet (I do not have it at hand) gives me of a more strong approach. Thanks for any comment
  14. Strength of concentration in MCO

    Thanks ChiForce, when you say 'gather' you mean that there's a certain quantity of qi in the body, and you take it from other parts to concentrate it on the spot? (just trying to understand the basics)
  15. Strength of concentration in MCO

    @ChiForce at the moment I have two places which I can focus on The first, it's behind the bladder. The sensation is of relief, other-than-me, peace. It's way below the navel, I'd say the baricenter of the body. The second is the navel. I can feel heat and qi there, which tends to go up quickly and 'highlight' the upper half of the body. The sensation is stronger, but it's more 'me'. Any idea which one is the LDT?