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  1. Does Magic Exist ?

    No. Magic is the unknowing-knowingness' that breathes the awareness to ponder the question if 'it' / 'it's-self' is possible
  2. conspiracy theories...........

    'Conspiracy Theory' is a label that universally categorizes alternative view-points with socially conditioned undertones of quackery. 'Conspiracy Theories' are an assault against what-we-think-we-know. What-we-think-we-know may be a belief-system. Consider one's or other people's emotional response to the notion of a 'conspiracy theory' and/or alternate view-point. Moreover, do people have an aversion to a different perspective? i.e. the actual information that outlines a given alternative view-point? Or, do people simply repeal in disgust in reaction to the mere label, 'conspiracy theory.' Consider the possibility that what-we-think-we-know is wrong and that largely, 'the system' and the resultant status-quo is highly oppressive, in nature. Consider the psychological mechanism and/or principle whereby the oppressed individual justifies his/her oppressive existence. Consider the concept and/or LAW of truth. That is to say, irrespective of what one believes, the truth steadfastly remains pure, untouched and immutable - whether it is conspiratorial or not. I can unequivocally state that from my perspective, many so-called 'conspiracy theories' are valid and that in actuality the real 'conspiracy' is against truth. The question is: do people have the courage to think for their respective selves' and reclaim sovereignty over their mind's?
  3. Headache & Tattoos

    >Experiencing headaches could be a side-effect of purifying your body which can manifest through tai-chi practice. However, your headaches could also be an indication of so-called improper practice. That is to say, perhaps it is necessary for you to make an adjustment in terms of structural alignment, relaxation, etc. >Regarding the tattoo, only you can answer that question. The opinions of other people do not matter at all in this case. Are your underlying motivations for getting a tattoo sincere? Do you want to get a tattoo because of superficial reasons related to your personal-image. Or, will getting a specific tattoo represent and embody your inner-most genuine character and provide you with inspiration to achieve your goals. More to the point and ignoring the previous questions, simply, do you want to get a tattoo?
  4. Confused: health problems

    My response may not seem helpful to you but in my opinion only you can answer the question that you have posed. Relax and listen to yourself and you will arrive at the correct answer. Nobody can possibly provide you with the correct answer because they are not you and they are not aware of the dynamics that comprise you.
  5. I have no intention of maliciously criticizing any previous posts/posters; however, I believe that the use of esoteric jargon largely serves to deviate one from truth. To provide an example, frankly, the dialogue of 'energy-this or energy-that,' on-the-level-of-verbal-communication, is unsubstantial, meaningless and counter-productive. Moreover, I believe that referencing the word/concept 'energy' in an externalized and dissociative manner may often be delusional/incorrect. I do not mean to imply that my statement is absolute and that one should never reference the word 'energy' in dialogue. However, what I am sincerely trying to convey and/or suggest is that discussing and referencing the word 'energy' is potentially dangerous to one's spiritual progress because of one's identification with a word, which represents a concept, that is presumed to be official, objective, and universally comprehended. Therefore, people may inevitably explore and reference 'energy' purely in a mental and/or imaginative, dissociative and ultimately unreal manner. Similarly, the fallacy I am trying to address is present when relating and/or referencing one's body in a segregated manner. i.e. 'my arm, my leg, my foot, etc.' Being conscious and aware of one's relationship, comprehension and utilization of/with language may be a profound means for spiritual growth and/or the expansion of awareness. Certainly nearly all of us have read about the trap of identifying/associating words with the actual thing/perception/experience the word represents. Yet, I believe most of us (myself included) have not/do not attempt to fully digest and live by the profundity of that simple fact. Indeed, yet another aspect of the mind is to want to move on to the next concept or idea and not embrace the simplicity of truth. Likely, everything I have written is intellectually obvious to nearly everyone. The question I ask myself is: do I have the courage to face the fact that my relationship with language may represent a defence mechanism that hides the ultimate reality of unknowingness'
  6. I don't know what to do anymore

    Josama, brother, STOP. Relax - you are not alone. Even though it may be hard for you to fathom, there are other people who have/are venturing through hell. I understand and can relate to your desire, in your anxious state, to explain what is happening to you. However, this dissociative jargon about energy-bodies and chakras is absolutely and unequivocally meaningless - please, trust me. These esoteric concepts you refer to are profoundly misunderstood metaphors/descriptors that relate to YOU - that is/are YOU. Everything is not outside of yourself; perhaps, it is within yourself and you are becoming aware - and it is overwhelming. Whether you are prepared or desired it, you have embarked upon a path towards greater self-awareness and the so-called state of normalcy may not return to you. HOWEVER, Josama, to be normal is to be insane and the chaos you have recently experienced is a build-up and release of the insanity of the world that you find yourself in. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. Josama, in my humble opinion, I would advise you to make every effort to minimize any current stress(es) in your life and BREATHE. Allow time to pass; allow yourself to relax. The reality is that you are strong and you have always been strong because deep down it may be the case that you feel heartbreak/heartache for the misery/trauma of the world and your family and/or friends? Josama, the only course of action, in my opinion, is to summon and cultivate the strength to carry on and to believe that whatever you are presently feeling will diminish and eventually fade away. The question is simple: do you choose/want to live or die? Based on your limited posts that I have read, I genuinely believe you have the strength of character to choose life - and that is the most profound and noble path one can pursue (in my opinion).
  7. I have not read the replies to your questions/points raised in this thread. However, from my perspective, the concerns you have raised is a product of increased awareness. That is to say, the Tao Bums forum has not necessarily lost it's magic for everyone - only for you and people who have reached similar vantage points. The spiritual journey is referred to as a path and you have ventured far. Perhaps it is the case that intellectual banter/filler does not seem as important or alluring to you, as it once did. Moreover, relativistically, your perception may not solely have to do with external circumstances. Rather, perhaps it is the case that YOU have changed and YOU are beginning to see and relate to things in a different light. Everything has had a place and facilitated your journey, but onward you/one must traverse - and unexpected, profound and immense fear necessarily begins to obscure your/the aforementioned spiritual path. In my opinion, there is no other option other than to keep on going and be present in witnessing where the journey takes you.
  8. fastest route to flexibility

    I largely agree with your statements. I believe that so-called stretching is a very no-pain-no-gain, externalized, Western mindset in terms of increasing one's flexibility. I highly encourage everyone interested in increasing flexibility to read and practice some material related to the Feldenkrais method. Simply, the method revolves around LEARNING how to organize your muscles and NOT stretching them. Therefore, increasing flexibility is accomplished via slow movements which, scientifically speaking, provide more sensory information to the brain and thus enables one to have greater control. Think about tai-chi.
  9. I think there may be a tendency to relate to principles of movement as being external to one's self - this is an error. The fundamental principle(s) of movement is/are not intellectual in nature but in fact are directly perceived or realized. The key is intention and the application and/or translation of minimal effort and the production of maximum physical force. This may be achieved through slow movement which will necessarily lead to the learning and/or realization of these mentioned principles - everything else is intellectual filler. Hopefully that makes sense.
  10. I sincerely wish to hear other people's comments or perspectives on what I have attempted to outline or describe about the method... Anyone?
  11. I share the same opinion. You know, I often think about the spiritual ramifications of the study of language. Language is an expression of one's perspective on life and the reality of being alive. I believe "kill" is the wrong word and/or approach to be used when discussing the ego. Seemingly, the notion of "killing" the ego is dramatic and emotionally charged. Instead, what if one were to recognize the ego? What if one were to face and become aware of the ego? What if one were to perceive the ego as an aspect of one's self? Consider this, what if thinking about the so-called ego in terms of "killing" or "conquering" is actually a form/manifestation of externalized fear? What if it were the case that simply "seeing" the ego is magnitudes more frightening, despite being superficially passive and meek? -Matt
  12. Not to ramble but... In my opinion, Functional Integration, is an extraordinarily profound and effective "activity" That makes other so-called medical/health therapies or practices meaningless, by comparison. The idea is that the practitioner possess a level of internal knowledge gained from experiencing and/or practising individual lessons labeled: Awareness Through Movement (ATM), which I have essentially explained above. Through subtle touch and hands-on guidance, a practitioner may be able to directly communicate with a patient's nervous system. Through this delicate communication, a practitioner may guide a patient through patterns and/or expressions of movement that are more natural and/or easy. Through this guidance a client may be able to directly perceive and let-go of parasitic muscular tension and necessarily codependent mental tension. The patient surrenders control, through the support of a competent practitioner and awareness (from the patient) may gradually increase as she/he begins to be increasingly intrigued by the novelty and ease/freedom of movement that is all-the-while requiring no personal effort. In fact, it is this lack of effort that is the gateway to optimum independent and potent functioning. I get the impression that not a lot of fellow-bums know about this so-called method. Indeed, "method" is the wrong word to use: ***Feldenkrais is a scientific framework that attempts to describe a methodology and ensuing practices that have the potential to ultimately spiritually transform a person***Feldenkrais is 21st century Yoga. However, Feldenkrais is not necessarily "better" or "worse" than other methodologies i.e. tai-chi, dance, etc; rather, it is another way to the same truth. -Matt
  13. Yes... I encourage everyone to watch both videos and try to bare the poor quality. The first video is a scientific introduction. The second video is an example of an application of the Feldenkrais method labeled: Functional Integration: Enjoy, Matt
  14. I would like to add... In my opinion, Feldenkrais lessons are akin to tai-chi form; they are both road-signs to a greater concept/awareness/knowledge. Please, if you have a genuine interest in this method, I implore you to read and re-read what I am trying to say... Yet another HIGHLY IMPORTANT point I forgot to make was/is: Do not force yourself. Do not perform movements in a physically OR mentally straining fashion because a lesson instructed you to do so. If you do not want to do it, do not have any delusion that a lesson will magically transform you. Only YOU can transform YOU. Perhaps what I write seems nonsensical, but I believe it to be critical. Get down on the ground and explore movement; this is the method. If you are not curious and/or feel enjoyment, be with yourself and try to perceive why this may be so.
  15. I have taken half of a Feldenkrais Teacher Training Program and will share some of experiences/opinions/thoughts for your benefit... The so-called Feldenkrais method is one of the most profound concepts/methodologies/practices I have ever encountered. Literally, Feldenkrais is Tai-Chi, perhaps presented in a manner that is more easily consumable for the Western mind. Feldenkrais is based on experiential learning through movement, the refinement/ease/quality of movement and the relationship and awareness that is present between mental intention and action. Below are some fundamental concepts: -The human skeleton is designed to absolutely and perfectly counter-act the force of gravity so as to ideally provide one with the feeling of being weightless at all times. -Through slow movements, primarily taking place on the ground so as to minimize the impact of gravity, it is possible to "feed" more sensory information into one's brain and achieve higher motor-functioning and beyond. -There is no limit to the ability to refine the quality of one's movement -Working with movement is tangible and not abstract; moreover, it is primal to life. Due to the relationships between the motor centre of the brain relative to other brain centres that include speech, emotion, etc. through movement it is possible to completely transform one's self. ----Movement is so absolutely profound and applicable to all aspects of life in that ***if one cultivates the FREEDOM/CHOICE to move in any direction with grace, strength, no-strain, etc. than that freedom directly and proportionately impacts freedom of thought, freedom of emotion and in other words totality and/or personal stability--- Moshe Feldenkrais, the "originator" of the method clearly stated that it is YOUR method. The method is a means for personal transformation. Although there are so-called lessons that are structured, through verbal guidance, to attempt to make one aware of certain anatomical facts...the principle is slow movement...the principle is greater skeletal awareness, the principals is the interaction that comprise YOU and the quintessential relationship YOU have with movement...and on and on and on. For example, how can you arrange yourself on the ground so as to feel stable and secure and then perform a simple action such as dragging your arm, as you please, slowly across the carpet. Can you allow yourself to perceive this movement; can you allow yourself to discover a more relaxed (and yet paradoxically more potent) manner in which to arrange yourself to perform this movement... I can go on forever... Hope this has been helpful, Matt