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  1. "The Secret" hits it bigtime!

    I haven't actually read the Secret, in fact I just heard about it, but it supposedly is based on the works of Wallace D. Wattles, a 19th century writer of self-help books, including the awesomely titled Science of Being Great. His methods are basic Hermetic Philosophy applied to material concerns like health and money, and they work, at least for me (although I'm not rich and my greatness is up for debate). The basic method is to constantly visualise what you want to succeed at and build up a successful vibration that draws all this to you. You can get his books cheap on Amazon, and a few can be had for free in PDF from internet self-help gurus if you want to sign up for spam. He is very popular with the internet self-help crowd because he was relatively obscure and his works are public domain, and therefore free to chop up into overpriced eBooks.
  2. jealousy

    For me, especially regarding the black mercedes, jealousy is an illusionary world I fall into. I see the car, imagine the good life the driver must have, oh how carefree that life must be, what right does he have when people are suffering and my car needs a paint job and some transmission work. And then I snap out of it. I don't know that guy driving the Mercedes, his life could be miserable. For a few seconds I let myself lose my connection to reality. IMHO many negative emotions could be at least partly born by this lack of connection to reality.
  3. Greetings and Such

    Well, first off, hi everyone. Pleasure to be here. Wow, I'm really bad at these introductions. I practice Wing Chun Kung Fu, I live in the desert, don't eat meat, and I've been interested in the philosophical teachings of Taoism for a long time. The physical practices I don't know that much about. Rumgoat