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  1. tortured by "electric ants"

    Thanks for your responses everybody. I appreciate it and will look into a few of the things mentioned. mike
  2. tortured by "electric ants"

    Hello, I've developed an energetic problem. When I do qigong or meditation, pressure builds in my neck and heart area leading to a feeling like little "electric ants" biting me on the arms, legs, and back. Often the fiery "electric ants" feeling will stay with me for many hours afterwords making it impossible to sleep. I've struggled with this for over a year and am at wits end. I can't practice with any real intensity especially meditation. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any qigong healers to me who could potentially help me with this problem. I contacted Robert Peng in NYC and am on his waiting list. I would be very interested in hearing about anyone else though. thanks
  3. The Tao of Mark Twain

    Hi mwight, You've made refernces in other posts about the system of neigong you are studying. I was wondering if you could offer any information about what that system is and who you are learning from. thank you, mike andre
  4. Empowering our Goals

    Hey Spectrum, May I ask with whom do you study taoist meditation ? thanks
  5. Taoist Evangelists?

    Hi, You said: " I learned Tai Chi from him too which was the eight energies and five elements with applications mostly." I am curious how you are manifesting the eight energies and five elements through taichi. I do a little bit of taichi and am looking for ways to integrate it more into my alchemical practice. If you could expand on that statement a little bit I would be interested to hear it. thanks, mike andre
  6. Bagua Neigong in Boston

    Yes, BK Frantzis talks in his " the power of internal martial arts" book about how bagua can be a meditation on the 8 energies of the i ching. 1 Do you agree with this? 2 Do you teach this? Thank you
  7. standing meditation is overrated?

    Hey, I've starting doing some standing in the embracing the tree posture and I've been finding it to be a very interesting practice. I'm getting a really nice grounded feeling from it. I'm finding that I start getting some discomfort (aching shoulders) at about 10 minutes and I'm wondering how I should relate to that. Should I stop as soon as I experience discomfort or should I continue on through the discomfort?
  8. Couple of Tao Practitioner Links

    Hey Matthew, I've come across a few comparisons of lesser kan and li with kundalini, (like in the glenn morris book "pathnotes of an american ninja master") With the idea being that the energy activated by lesser kan and li is comparable or analogous to kundalini. As someone who seems to have experiences of both, I am curious to hear how you would compare and contrast the two.
  9. dreams

    Cool link. Thanks. He relates the dream state is connected to a larger cosmological picture which is interesting.
  10. Irrefutable proof of Qi power!

    Why are these guys jumping around like maniacs after the master guy hits them?
  11. dreams

    B vitamins huh? Maybe I'll try that, can the b vitamins help induce lucid dreaming as well as boost dream recall? Also, I'm interested in that mysterious gap bettween sleep and awakeness, any thoughts on how to navigate that terrain?
  12. dreams

    Anybody out there have any experiences with the taoist (or non-taoist) dream practices you want to comment on? I'd love to hear about it.
  13. Hun, po and other obscurities

    I'm fascinated by this conversation, and curious. If the shen is the product of the conversation between hun and po souls, what about the zhi (kidney water spirit) and yi (earth spleen spirit)?
  14. Group Dynamics

    thanks yoda, it sounds like the idea is that by generating good thoughts/feelings about the other people, that those intentions will be transmitted to them either through some kind of psychic mechanism or by them actually seeing some change in my demeanor and responding accordingly. I'll keep this in mind.