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  1. Converting Ching to Chi, Chi to Shen?

    I know about the 100 days of celibacy but in todays practical world, how about 100 days with strict semen retention? Is lotus that necessary? Not that I have a prob with that but could you transmute the energy in a standing meditation?
  2. standing meditation

    one more question for tonight guys..LOL. Is standing med. the most powerful qigong there is? I still consider myself a beginner so maybe it's what I should master first. If all I did for the rest of my life was standing, would I be a master? I spoke with a guy last year who stands for 3 hrs. per day and he said he devloped superhuman strength and helped his ejaculation control practice immensly. Right now I' ve been doing peter ragnar's qigong. -Jon
  3. When sitting in the MO meditation do you concentrate on each point and breath into it to free up blockages or do you go through all the points in one breath cycle? How about deep breathing while in a back bridge. Mr. Furey claims that will open it quicker than sitting on your rump. -Jon
  4. Hey guys, My name is Jon, I've been interested in Taoism, qi gong, and immortality for a few years now. Before I was just kinda dabbling, now I more serious. I come to you guys with a alot of questions. It seems that many of you are already doing what I have been wanting to do. Mainly my questions revolve around semen retention. I just don't get it. I've read all of chia's stuff and many others. I know about the orbit and the anal lock, but it has just been fruitless for me. It either just shoots out, or I don't cum and it slowly leaks out later. Is there an easy to understand, step by step method that I could follow to accomplish this goal. I just turned 30 and an ejaculation makes me feel so tired. Plus it drains energy away from my other spiriyual goals. Any help would be appreciated. Perhaps all I need is someone to explain it in a non-chia way. I'll be on here everyday. So glad I found this site. -Jon