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  1. Thanks. Then if all this is the case: Small group Master Wang teaching regularly Food and accomodation included Translation included for 10 days this is a very fair price. I'm tempted to go. And if I can't looking forward to hear how it was.
  2. Great. Thanks for confirming that. So from the description above it seems that food and lodging is included in the 1,000 US$ for the 10 days. Is that correct? What about any other expenses apart from the flight ticket? Is translation included?
  3. Just so that people are informed. There are also seminars in Jinhua with over 300 people participating. Which is in itself not bad. It might create a stronger energy field during meditation. But it would be good to know what to expect. Not sure what category this one is.
  4. I'm not arguing that the price is not adequate. I'd just like to know what the situation will be like when one gets there. It makes a difference to me whether there's a group of 20 or of 300. It also makes a difference to me whether I sleep in a double room or with six people in one room. It would also be cool to hear whether Master Wang will teaches classes all day and every day or perhaps only once a day. And I wouldn't want to go there and not being able to understand what is said during lectures. So, those are my points. Not the price. The price is basically something that has been discussed many times in the past years and is just a fact that one has to accept if one wants to participate in these seminars.
  5. Sounds great. Do you have some more information for us: 1. How many people in total will participate? 2. How many classes will Master Wang teach? 3. Is cost of translation included? Who will translate? I'm assuming English here. 4. What will the daily structure of classes be like? 5. How many people will sleep in one room? I couldn't find these points in your links.
  6. There's more information on the seminar in April organized by the 'European' here:'> The location was changed to JinHua as posted on the home page (red text):
  7. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    It's nice to hear the video. But like most other posters I was a bit disappointed that only a small part is about MoPai. But then the interviewing people seem to focus on WTSHTF and conspiracy theory stuff. It would have been cool to hear more from Kosta on things like: * Is he still doing some inner practice? * Kosta often mentions ChenXiaoWang of Chen TaiChi and I think also WuTaiChi and their NeiGong practices. It would have been interesting to hear a comparison. * Comparison between MP and well known yoga pranayama would have been good, too. I was also a bit confused that he talked about MP at all after I read his 'Don't hit the snooze button' article, which he also mentioned. It seemed that he had closed the MP chapter totally and doesn't want to talk about it. I might have misunderstood it, though, and he only wanted to refer to his idea of presenting MP to the whole world. Again it was interesting to hear that he said that MP is basically only for practising as a hermit. From the interview I got the impression that Kosta is a very smart and also calmly thinking man.
  8. Cell phones

    Can you name a device that actually works in nullifying the mobile radiation? From what I've heard most of these (if not all) are scams. We are talking about these little, sometimes cute, colourful stickers (like Hello Kitty) that people stick to their phones believing they have an effect, right?
  9. Cell phones

    I've always been skeptical of mobile phones and can only recommend to use as little as possible. For me also old-style wired modem for internet and wired telephone instead of WLAN and wireless phone. Apparently it's not only the heat that is created by the electromagnetic field of the mobile causing the cells to move but the brain/blood barrier is lifted by the high pulse frequency allowing toxins to enter the brain. Here (in German) are some info and picture of rat brains without and with mobile wave exposure (page 2); A Prof. Dr. Peter Semm, Universität Frankfurt, and Prof. Leif Salford, Neuro surgeon of Swedish University Lund are quoted. Sure it's controversial. And of course using a phone is very convenient. And of course one shouldn't panic. Follow your intuition. And there are WLAN stations and DECT phones that don't emit when they are not used (the majority of the devices apparently emit all the time, whether someone is talking/surfing or not): (edit for typo)
  10. Iron Crotch and The Little Nine Heavens

    Found the video of the roof top swinging: This one seems to have survived. Another was taken because of nakedness, I guess.
  11. Iron Crotch and The Little Nine Heavens

    This is the site to the book written by James McNeil with some excerpts which I couldn't find yesterday: This book will be an auto biography and it seems that is hasn't been published yet. This one: is a different one by the same author on Daoist love making. I had somehow mixed them up before. (edit to distinguish the two books and sites)
  12. Iron Crotch and The Little Nine Heavens

    I'm not getting what you're trying to contribute here.
  13. Iron Crotch has been mentioned here before as I can remember. Mostly it was about Tu Jin-Sheng and his 99 schools first only in Taiwan and in the best years also in the US to where the master seems to have moved. And then there was this site: It looks like the typical internet scam site with half truths but I haven't seen the product. Some people talked about the practice which involves attaching weights to one's penis and then swinging them and irrepairable damage to practitioners. Recently I came across the Little Nine Heaven's (LNH) group. LNH is apparently an old Daoist art that was passed on to Chiao Chang Hung who moved with Chiang Kai Shek to Taiwan. He seems to have had a very good standing in the Taiwanese martial arts community. His main students seem to be Carl Kao (Kao San Lun; ), who is originally from Taiwan, but now lives in the US, and James McNeil ( ). Both studied with the respected Tang ShouTao (system including Hsing I, Pa Kua and Tai Chi) founder Hsu Hong-Chi before studying with Chiao Chang Hung. Furthermore credibility is given by the fact that Scott Sonon, one of the prominent kettle bell teachers, is a student of the system. James McNeill's site is quite flashy and includes iron crotch which can be found here: A picture that is also on Tu Jin-Sheng's site of a guy hanging weight from his crotch can be found here as well as of Mr Mc Neill letting a woman swing on a rope that's tied to his crotch while he's standing on a roof. There used to be the links to 1) (not accessible now for some reason but can be found via and 2) a site especially for a book written by Mr McNeil called "Ancient Lovemaking Secrets" (info here: ) with excerpts on his initiation time in Taiwan into the Daoist love arts. The first site ( reminded me of the Matt Furrey internet sales sites and the excerpts of the book on the second site were a bit unbelievable. Also there seems to be controversy about the lineage of the art of Splashing Hands that Mr McNeil says he has learned from a Master Lefiti. Anyways, my questions are if anyone has any experience with any of these teachers like Mr Kao or Mr McNeil and what they think of both the LNH and the Iron Crotch system. As weird as parts of Mr McNeils sites' content is the lineage seems to be authentic. Also has anyone been to one of the 99 schools in either Taiwan or the US by Mr Tu Jin-Sheng? edit to repair link
  14. Recovering yuan qi

    As with most things there seem to be different opinions on how long it will take to recover one's yuan qi. On the Longmenpai Blog it says the following: "With that in mind, let examine how much time you need to complete the foundation (before you can do any actual inner alchemy). Foundational (ZhuJi) practice in longmen pai can be roughly understood as to replenish all the yuan qi that one has lost. The peak level of yuan qi that a human being can have happens when they are 16 years old (for men) or 14 years old (for women). So one can say that the foundation is built properly when the level of yuan qi in your body has returned to when you were 16 (or 14) years old. Now according to the Ling Bao Bi Fa classic text, one year (360 days) daily practice (6 hours per day) of Yin Xian Fa can replenish 10 years of lost yuan qi, and the 6 hours mentioned by the old masters refers to the practice being done in full lotus (of course!). " So, in this example (depending on the age of the practitioner) one year of six hours per day in full lotus practicing Yin Xian Fa. In Bagua a different number of days is quoted. "Your body requires one week to recover after one sexual intercourse. i.e. come back to the condition before the intercourse. One hundred days is required to recover Original Qi (Yuan Qi) completely (i.e. recover to the condition before one had any sex). About three years is required to open Small Heavenly Circle." Do you know of any other approaches and what happens once yuanqi is recovered?
  15. Full lotus

    For how many minutes does this pain-free state last then?