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  1. In my understanding Taoist practices don't lead you to enlightenment, although i could be wrong in saying that. If you want to find freedom from re-birth you should probably practice buddhism or simply buddhist meditation.
  2. Is it real? National Geographic

    Cool, thanks for posting these videos, I will be sure to watch them. I guess you are right about the whack jobs on that show. The martial artist who claimed to train Bruce Lee seemed realy out there.
  3. Lee Holden?

    Thank you for all your responses. I guess I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't being feed "fake" (for lack of a better word) Qi Gong. I know there are a lot of Qi Gong videos out there and I am sure that there are videos being promoted as Qi Going but in reality are nothing more than just movements made to look like Qi Gong. I really like the video so far and I really like his teaching style. I feel like it is a good step in the right direction towards my QI Gong practice. I guess that is all that really matters anyways.
  4. I have always understood Qi has being able to permeate all things and thus not be blocked by any man-made objects. I would be interested to learn what Qi masters feel about this. I have great faith that a Qi master can make the Qi flow freely in any environment, although a more natural environment sure does make the practice easier.
  5. taiji-men practitioners?

    I have not heard of that lineage but I would be interested to learn more about it.
  6. Tell me more about this John Chang.

    I would love to learn more about John Chnag. The video posted above and other videos I have found have very limited information about him. Can anyone tell me more or share some other information they may have about his technique?
  7. Post

    Nice Post!
  8. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground. David Icke Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground. David Icke
  9. Intro Post

    Hello Everyone, My name is Chris and I have been fascinated with the Tao ever since a friend introduced me to the Tao Te Ching in college. I hope to find a lot of great information on this site and to new other Taoists.