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  1. Early Morning Hot Water

    In Ayurveda they recommend drinking plain hot water for de-congesting your can read more here
  2. Yes for sure you can. In the HT system it has been traditionally taught to practice the six healing sounds, inner smile, and MCO all in one sitting. However you can combine the practices depending on your needs or practice them separately. Time wise depends on your level of concentration and how much time you have to practice. If you practice the traditional method of 3, 6, or 9 times it will take 10 - 20 mins...again depending on your concentration level.
  3. Walking qigong

    Gua Lin Qigong is a pretty famous style of "walking qigong". It's used a lot as a qigong for cancer. Here's a explanation and video series of it....for free
  4. Confucian Qi gong

    Heiner Fruehauf has promoted and been teaching a lineage of Confucian Qigong called Shan Ren can read/listen more about it on these sites
  5. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    If you go the M. Chia route for learning the MCO don't overlook practicing the six healing sounds and inner smile first. Both of these practices help you to feel your energy and release stuck energy. I would recommend practicing the six healing sounds and inner smile practices first for 100 days and really diving deep into them. Also add a movement practice ie Tai chi chi kung, primordial qigiong, etc. Relax into each practice until you own it...don't be in a hurry and try and force anything.
  6. Audio Chi

    Ahh now I understand...will try it out thank you.
  7. Audio Chi

    Would you be able to talk about this more? I'm not sure if I follow what you mean by this because I have never played around with sounds or Equalizers Thanks much!
  8. Audio Chi

    Thanks Friend for your input.. Which CD of Sifu Jenny's are you referring to here? I would love to get that. I completely agree with you I have been using his for awhile and love them...too me I noticed the most effect when I was doing sitting meditation not so much moving qigong forms. Thanks for the reply Learner Interesting you think it;s causing too much energy in your head? Thanks
  9. Audio Chi

    Has anyone tried the Audio Chi download/CD from iAwake technologies? It's sounds really interesting and I'm always looking for new background music/sounds too use during my qigong practice. I especially like that you don't need to use headphones with it...but i'm always kind of skeptical of products that make certain "claims" like this: So I was hoping someone here has already tried it an could give a honest review. I have used the lifeflow downloads in the past (with good results) and you don't need headphones with those either but I like the concept of this being focused on chi... Thanks for any help
  10. I don't know if this has been posted on the Bums before but I found this cool 10 day Zhan Zhuang course on Lam Kam Chuen's Youtube page. Enjoy! 10 day Zhan Zhuang course
  11. Digestive Problems

    Hi TenebrousMystery I'm truly sorry to hear what you are going through. Having been through some similar situations with my digestion I know how frustrating and nerve racking it can be. There is a way through it though. I saw doctors, took herbs/supplements and tried acupuncture and nothing seemed to work (for me at least). I then ordered this book from amazon called Curing IBS Naturally with Chinese Medicine. I honestly didn't expect much because I had already been to see an acupuncturist. This book changed everything for me when it came to my digestion(and mood). Almost everything you mentioned above is talked about in the book and what you can do to remedy it. It takes a while but it is WELL worth it.
  12. Financial Enlightenment?

    Boy...a lot of us have a tendency to dump a lot of issues onto money (myself included). When in reality it does not need to be that way, money is just a neutral energy or exchange. It's what we want it to be or wish it to be that causes the problems. Before there was money people traded goods and services, and there came a point when trading became to cumbersome and there needed to be a different form of exchange so money was developed as a neutral form of payment for goods or services rendered. It has no other value then that, but we tend to pin a ton of our desires on money which gives it an elusive quality to it. Here are a couple of items that continue to help me better understand money. Prosperity Consciousness This program helped me a lot. Fredric Lehrman talks about money from an energy standpoint. He suggests that you save a portion of your income and put it into 5 separate savings accounts (based off of the 5 elements/phases). He has a good way of taking the "mystery" out of money and making it seem real and simple. He is a student of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing and happened to be my first Tai Chi instructors teacher which I didn't even know until one day I heard my instructor talking about him and I put two and two together. Your Money or Your Life This one was mentioned in this thread earlier and I second it whole heartily. This is a great money book. It truly has you look at whats important in life and it stresses living a more balanced simple life. They talk a lot about truly deciding if you need one more "thing" or can you be satisfied with what you have and save your money. It's a great felt very grounding to me when I was reading it. Hope these suggestions help
  13. ReishI Mushroom, Ling Zhi

    There are thought to be six different types of Reishi mushrooms which are classified according to color. Do you know what color the one you are using is? The black Reishi has a salty flavor and is associated with healing the Kidneys, so if you are using the black variety it would make sense that your Kidneys are possibly detoxing and you are instinctively craving more water to help flush out the toxins. Cool post Jesse
  14. Ancient Songs of the TAO

    Hey Raymond I have the CD set, it's pretty good I use it during qi gong mostly. Sometimes I will use it during meditation but not to often. From what I remember he does not give the translation for the liturgies. The first three discs are guided by Bruce and the last two are just him performing the liturgies without any instruction. I was really excited to get these because his sales copy really makes it seem like your going to open up all these channels faster by listening to it. Well I can't say that happened for me but I do enjoy them. I guess what I'm trying to say is they are good and I would recommend them, but their not great. Maybe if I use them more I would notice more. I do have to say some of the liturgies can be quite agitating but that probably just means I have more crap to dissolve.
  15. Contemplating Veganism Any Advice

    check into Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford it's a great book about integrating western and eastern nutrition with a emphasis on eating no animal products.