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  1. John Petersons training system I think would be a good match for what you are looking for. It is all based on bodyweight exercises. Dynamic tension and isometric exercises that he teaches both can build muscle and increase energy levels. His "miracle 7" excercises are basically a hard qigong that he learned from a martial arts master. After performing them for a couple weeks I am looking more ripped and noticed a little bit of muscle growth which for me is VERY hard to accomplish since I am a classic hardgainer. I am now starting with the isometrics which are supposed to promote faster muscle growth. Bruce Lee was also a believer in isometrics. So if this interests you check out his website at Thank you
  2. I have decided to send it to daochild first since he was the originator of the thread. I hope that everyone who wants to take a look at will get a chance. So daochild just give me your email and I will send it along.
  3. If you are a dedicated zhan zhuang practitioner and you would like to learn what it takes to reach the higher levels of skill in the practice, then yes this book is worth it. If you are just a dabbler I would say it is not really worth the money. I practiced the 3 basic postures 20 min each for a couple of months and it is very effective when done that way. I stopped because I am now concentrating on spring forest qigong, which I find more effective for healing yourself and others. I am willing to give my copy to someone and delete mine from my hard drive if anyone is really interested.
  4. greetings and intro

    Greetings fellow taobums. I've been following these forums for about a year and I thought I should finally join in on the sharing of knowledge. My name is brandon and I live in Pennsylvania. Ive been practicing qigong/meditation off and on for about 6 years now since I was 18. Consistently(mostly everyday) for about 3years. My main practices are basic stretching and loosening excercises targeting the whole body from head to toe. Then I usually do standing meditation in the wuji posture for about an hour. sometimes more sometimes less. I also do a form of qigong called spring forest qigong by chunyi lin. I find it is a very powerful and well put together system. He has a wonderful password for connecting with universal energy and getting into the emptiness. Here it is in case you are wondering: I am in the universe, the universe is in my body, the universe and I are combined together. Then you just feel your connection with the universe and maintain this connection throughout the practice. His small universe meditation is also the best way I have found to do microcosmic orbit. You basically breath in and visualize universal energy flowing into every part of your body and collecting at the various points of the orbit along with saying ommmm or mwaaa to help break up the blockages. well that is it for now. I look forward to meeting all of you and sharing knowledge. Have a lucky day and may you all awaken to your true self.