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  1. Hi from Germany

    Hi Norbert, you came a long way. Welcome. Funny how the word Huna has such a different meaning in Arabic. Hope I will make it to Hawai one day. Bis dann, Simone
  2. Please Help - Sexual Exhaustion

    Hey, nobody important would measure YOU by the angle of your erection. What are you really worried about? Learn massage techniques, take contact improvisation lessons, dance wave(5 rhythms). Get in real touch with yourself and others. Look at yourself as the giant sensitive being that you are. Feel wind, water, earth and heat on your naked skin. Breathe, meditate, dance. Spend a whole day blindfolded, start to smell and listen. Taste what you are eating and drinking, play with the tongue in your mouth. This world is magic! There are so many ways to get off! Get sensual on the whole physical level! Start to enjoy what already is, things will find their way! Love yourself! Good luck! Simone
  3. What is the Kunlun Energy

    Hi Chris, these words remind me of my second shamanic dream-voyage: raven came to me in a dark cave...I asked what I could offer him... he answered: "give me your head and you will get my wings"... so I did... I was dancing fire in the sky... and for now its good to be here...walking on earth... enjoying the mud between my toes...being part of it all... ...closing my eyes, when the sun gets too bright... Ciao, Simone
  4. Hello All

    Good day to you, cheerful spirit!
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