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  1. New, Albuquerque/Austin..

    Well, I've been studying taoism for several years, just whatever I can get my hands on, really, though I can't speak/read chinese (next goal). I learned how to play Erhu from my classical cello training, just took what I knew of cello/violin and moved it over to Erhu.. Had to learn a few things differently, but it all works out. Doesn't sound half bad, you know? Nice to be a bum.
  2. New, Albuquerque/Austin..

    Randall here, just moved out to Austin a bit ago from Albuquerque. Been doing the studying thing for a while now, around these parts I've lurked for quite some time, never registered/posted. I try to keep things pretty simple.. I play my cello/erhu, ride/race some bicycles, spend time with family, and work. Nice to be here, don't feel shy to say hello.