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  1. Hello from Malaysia

    Thanks Ian, I'm from Kuala Lumpur. Read that you were learning from Master Yap, maybe one day I'll try to meet him. Funny that i only learned about master Yap from this forum and there's another master Wong Kiew Kit who is also from Malaysia but is more well known overseas. As for durians.. I don't really fancy them, Funny right , maybe it's because nowadays you can get them all year round. You guys are lucky as there's meditation retreat, chi kung classes ,"ThaPath" scott sonnon thing that you can go to. Here, they think you're out of your mind..tai chi is for old folks and yoga is for weightloss. I don't think i'll ever meet tao crazy people like Sean or Yoda here in malaysia........But there's always thetaobums to go to...... Bye
  2. Hello from Malaysia

    Hi everyone, I'm from Malaysia (a small multi cultured country in south east asia) and have been visiting this forum for the past 8-10 months. terms of practice, I am like WAAAAY behind most of you guys here . I envy the amount of time that you guys have to do your practices, not that I am giving any excuse but I leave for work at about 7am and comes home after 7pm.....survival y'know. for my knowledge in chi cultivation etc.....the more i read the forums here, it seems that the less i know. I seldom post on the internet and my English is not very good, so the above might seem a bit dry. That's all for now.