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  1. Left in the Dark

    Your facts are indisputable. Sonic bloom has been researched and shown to work without a full understanding of how. Although this is a red herring because the original argument was that birdsong would activate the same type of reaction yet it has a frequency much higher than that of the sonic bloom. I'm done arguing this it's tiresome and I'm fed up with being insulted.
  2. Left in the Dark

    Since it is obvious that you can't come up with a single scientific resource and keep posting company homepages where a profit motive is really all that matters. I can't really take your word for it, as that would be foolish. So I'll take my leave of this topic and perhaps when there is evidence to back up your claims as opposed to argumentum ad hominem then maybe I'll talk to you again. Edit: Anecdotal evidence is not evidence.
  3. Left in the Dark

    Perhaps you could actually find some scientific literature on this rather than a company that has a profit motive for saying it works. As for birdsong, the most recent studies have found that in some plants specifically rice genes are activated by soundwaves at 125 Hz and 250 Hz whereas birdsong ranges from 2000 to 6000 Hz.
  4. Left in the Dark

    Granted I'm new to this sort of thing and don't really go into the mystical side of Taoism. But I seem to doubt that any of this is scientifically or historically accurate. Mankind has been killing itself pretty much from the beginning due to territorial and resource arguments. Bird singing to help plants take in nutrients seems to be a lark kinda like the plants feeling pain when you get mad at them. It's not grounded in any type of science.
  5. Greetings and Salutations

    Hello everyone, I have been studying Taoism for 4-5 years and am a student still. I'm nearly 21 years old and live in Illinois. I hope to further my understanding of the Tao by speaking to others that find themselves walking the same path that I walk. Any guidance would be appreciated. Have a nice day!