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  1. Is KunLun Bogus?

    Hello! Thank you so much for your replies, all of you. I'll try to find a practice and a teacher he's comfortble with. The reason I was thinking about the kunfu club, is that they have a "KunFu Kids" group for the youngest children (age 4-8), and I guess it's more playful and less serious. I'll give them a call and check it out. Maybe I'll even sign myself up for classes if it feels allright Thanks for advice and tips
  2. Is KunLun Bogus?

    Wow, this thread has taken an interesting turn! My son, 6 years old and very empathetic, is very drawn to my practice and what I do. I've remained sceptical to teach him anything, but every time he feels sick or have an headache he wants me to lay my hands on him, and that's probably the only active thing I do, energetically, towards him. He is sensitive to energies and my emotions or pain wear off on him. Therefore I feel responsible for keeping myself balanced as well. However; he wants to begin practice martial arts, and there is a Hiep Vo Mon Kunfu club not far from where we live. So I just wanted to hear from you if you have any advice. I don't want to mess up his system, so to speak.... Thanks
  3. What is the difference?

    Sweet! Thank you so much for your responce, all of you. It was very helpful
  4. Happiness is...

    Thank you for sharing this, hagar. A couple of months ago, in the middle of my "winter depression", I laid awake and pondered these things. I began to cry because, all though I never make plans for the future (I'm afraid they'll be ruined), I realized I always put my life on hold, waiting for the future as life passes me by. And time goes so fast..... This was a reminder, thank you
  5. What is the difference?

    Hi The question came up in a thread here the other day, and I've been wondering ever since. Would anyone care to elaborate? Thanks!
  6. Kunlun Europe

    Hi! I think it's very interesting that you write that your scepticism "blocked" the energy, because I had the same experience during the seminar in Oslo. I felt very confident in Max and the boys though, since I met them before the seminar and got the chance to "study" them and talk to them. And I felt that they were very open and sharing, and that was reassuring and comforting when people were crying, screaming and laughing on the floor around me. I wasn't sure about signing up either, after seeing the videos on the website, but somehow I couldnit resist it. It was meant to be. My friend qinqong said I had to go as well, and he always wins so...RAW And even if nothing happened at the seminar, a lot has happened since. And it's simply because I had to stop analyzing and thinking. In fact knowing too much blocks the energy. I had to tell myself to trust that my body knows what it's doing, and forget everything else. At the same instant I felt a tremendous relief and the energy was released. So, you just hang in there, I'm sure you will have a good kunlun-time this summer Thanks for sharing!
  7. NLP and Max (Conman) Christensen

    Thanks for sharing that link! It was very enlightening....and a bit scary to think about at the same time. Now I know what my body is actually doing, but at least I'm in control so far. Here's our chance to hi-jack this thread and make it non-kunlun.
  8. Happy Birthday Yoda and Mantra68!

    Happy birthday to you, Yoda. I guess I'm a little late, but I hope your day was great! Happy birthday, Mantra. Have a wonderful day and eat a lot of chocolate Hope to see you back in Norway again soon, and maybe we'll even find a fjord you can visit.
  9. Chills/tingling sensation in pelvis and thighs.

    Thank you so much for your answers. I will try to unravel the mystery that creates this "thing", but I'm not keen on magnifying it. I think I'll take it slow.
  10. NLP and Max (Conman) Christensen

    Not just you. I think this and the other thread on the front speaks for itself. I don't know what it was like before, maybe your reactions are reasonable. I totally understand your concern regarding the disappearing threads, and of course it would be nice to have subforas for the most discussed practises, not only kunlun.
  11. Chills/tingling sensation in pelvis and thighs.

    O'boy that seems like a huge task
  12. NLP and Max (Conman) Christensen

    You make us feel unwelcome I've been into other foras and I know how you feel, all the newbs flooding and spamming with silly Qs repeatedly....and when I feel like that I thank myself for the reminder that I've also been a novice. I can't see why there should be any competition between the members and the practise they favor. In fact I don't understand this "hostility." If you're not interested in a topic, don't bother looking into them and make new topics on the subjects you like instead of those you dislike. Is freedom of choice such a difficult matter?
  13. Chills/tingling sensation in pelvis and thighs.

    Hi Hundun Thanks for responding so quick! I've only been practising kunlun for app. 3 weeks, before that I haven't practised anything. I've seen a healer once in a while in order to dissolve some of the blockages I have, but nothing has ever worked on this "problem." I guess my digestion is ok now, I had to quit eating and drinking artificial sweetener because of the phenylalanine. That has helped a lot! I'm not sure about my kidneys. I took an X-ray of my kidnesy once after a heavy cystitis, but they were normal, but things may have changed of course. Thanks for answering I guess it might have something to do with fear. Some say that the rootchakra is linked up to "mother-issues" and I grew up living in fear of losing my sick mum. She passed away four years ago and this "thing" actually began the year after... Concerning sexual issues....if there are issues, I'm not aware of them.
  14. Hello again. I was hoping I finally could find some one who could give me an idea of what I've been experiencing the last couple of years or so. I understand that some of you are into acupunture and similar and maybe you've heard of it before? In stead of shivers and chills down my spine when I respond to some thing (mostly fear or sadness), I get this sensation in my pelvic area and running down my thighs. Mostly on my left side. It feels like it's something creeping around in there, like a serpent. I was thinking it has something to do with the ischiadic nerve and perhaps the rootchakra because it seems to be triggered by emotions. After all these years I'm still around, so I don't think it's a serious medical condition..... Does any one have a clue? Thanx
  15. Is KunLun Bogus?

    I have a question to those who are negative towards KunLun and Max: Have you tried it? Have you met him personally? Some people like to stick to what others have done before, other find that restricting and inhibiting and toss away the rituals and go up-stream. There's nothing wrong with that and to me this anti-kunlun attitude reminds me of fear rather than healthy scepticism.