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  1. HI, I've been practicing the Small Circle for a while and am enjoying the feel of Qi. Before moving up to the MCO, I'm wondering if it would be reasonable to extend the Small Circle orbit to include the chest and the point opposite the chest. So, the new orbit would look like this: dantian --> perineum --> tailbone --> mingmen --> point opposite chest --> chest --> dantian. I'm thinking of doing this so that I can gradually build up flow of Qi in the orbit without the potential complications of not having enough flow and having Qi get stuck in my head. I've seen the suggestion that I can go up to the forehead in the orbit and then reverse course and go back to dantian. Your thoughts, please.
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    Hi, I've been practicing Qigong for a year and I've recently been getting very interested in the internal Qi aspects. I've been practicing the Small Heaven and really enjoying the energy flow. I'd like to ask some questions about this particular practice and all things Qi related.