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  1. Trans and Taosim

    I have heard people describe transitioning to your true gender as a way to acheive ziran. Also I can understand that you may see more trans daoist people because many people (especially groups oppressed by __some__ people belonging to abrahamic religions) would naturally start using reason over faith to determine philosophy, and daoism is very philosophical.
  2. I have been researching it a bit but I am not sure if i understand it. Is it a place you can go to if you die?
  3. Do they mean other planets? Other universes? Other planets within other universes?
  4. I have been wondering for a few days now, lets say someone is drowning. Would it go against the dao to swim and save them?
  5. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am wondering, if karma is what gets rebirthed over lifetimes, and one can get rebirthed into other realms, how does karma get rebirthed into other realms?
  6. Howdy Yall

    I am new here, I have been into Daoism & Zen for a few weeks and just found this forum . So far I have read the Daodejing and have read a bit of the Zhuangzi.