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  1. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Today listening to new Guru viking podcast....
  2. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Have had flu for a week.... Listening more to Amrita Baba....
  3. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Can someone recommend to me a video talk by highly attained taoist master, please? I listen to Damo Mitchell and some other videos but do not feel good.
  4. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Today back in taichi class after holidays....
  5. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Just fond this amazing playlist, videos where you see masters meditating....
  6. My fav podcasts, music & books

    The above book buddhas among us is one of the best I've ever read. Highly recommend it. I wish I had had that book decades ago....
  7. Taoism; how does it all work?

    Patrick Kelly photographed this Du Xingling in 1987 in Beijing. The photo can be seen in his book Infinite Tao and in the blog posted above.
  8. Taoism; how does it all work?

    Patrick Kelly met him in 1987 (took photo, see the blog post) and went back to the temple next year, " No trace could be found of him on our subsequent visits several years later – whether he had died or been ‘officially removed’, I am unsure." Am I to think that immortality is a fairytale....
  9. Taoism; how does it all work?

    It is from this article. I do not know the chinese term.... http://openheartopenheart.blogspot.com/2018/06/taoist-master-attains-rainbow-body.html
  10. I read about Du Xinlin (from a book by Baolin Wu), a taoist monk who attained rainbow body in 1988 in Beijing in front of many witnesses and officials. How does the taoist system get there from dantiens, qi accumulation and all the foundational stuff public sources talk about? I understand that the details are / might be secret but I wonder does anyone know?
  11. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Been reading this book the past few days. Very very good. https://www.amritamandala.com/buddhas-among-us "This book tells you exactly and in detail what the path from an unawakened state (zero bhumi) to full enlightenment (perfection of 10th bhumi) is and how that journey is made. This is extremely precious information for the simple reason that people who can and are willing to discuss it from their own experience are very rare. However, here we have six accounts written by living contemporaries who have made this journey and are here to tell us about it. The sole purpose of publishing this book is to tell you what full enlightenment is and that anyone equipped with proper information and practices can attain it within a very reasonable frame of time. The people of this book are all Western women and men, who all did their practice in the midst of their ordinary daily lives with jobs, families, and other typical features of modern city living."
  12. Empowerments in taoism?

    Ah, dan tien. Yes I am very familiar with those.
  13. Empowerments in taoism?

    Hello Wilhelm and thank you for reply. What is LDT? I have seen and studied with a number of teachers and instructors from taoist systems. I remember some of them speaking how they received transmissions from their masters. Thinking about this and comparing with tantric buddhist empowerments it seems like we might or might not be talking about the same thing. The feel of the energy just doesn't feel the same. Eould be great to have a specialist pitch in.
  14. I have practiced tantric buddhism for many years where teachers give empowerments to their students. Are there tantric empowerments in taoism? What kind of practices are taught through empowerments in taoism? Thank you