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  1. How to become awakened

    You-people-are-out-of-your-mind.......... You start a smear campaign on someone you dont know, whose books you didnt read, whose teaching you never study, try or understand, and say lunatic things about prey & manipulation..... do you believe everything you read from internet???? thank you!!!! i see none of that here. i will never enter this place again.
  2. How to become awakened

    I dont know what he write but if you are wokeist & can't take scolding that he gave to all old student again yes stay away.
  3. How to become awakened

    No but he is my dharma brother.
  4. How to become awakened

    If you believe shit some idiot has writen about Baba, who don't know him.... yes please avoid because he has said he don't want blind followers. no vajrayna lineage but has lama students......! i studied with many other teachers, Allione, Tenzin Palmo, lamas rinpoches, qi gong and gongfu sifus.... i know Baba since 2007.. never anything shady, always open, always give support and available.... no scandal, no abuse, nothing.. most important, practice give results........
  5. How to become awakened

    i understand. The tecnique and Awake book are on the website for free. It explains everything. I don't link because people here are rude.
  6. How to become awakened

    Sell? i don't see any price tag on the tecnique page, do you?? You guys are distracted.
  7. How to become awakened

    I wrote in my introduction that I practiced qi gong and gongfu in China with very bad results. i was a spiritual seeker. This tecnique is helped me a lot.
  8. How to become awakened

    Instructions on the website, Amrita Mandala https://www.amritamandala.com/2pf
  9. I wonder if people have heard of this tecnique? I copy this text from facebook from a teacher called Amrita Simha. "This person practiced "shikantaza" four hours a day for seven years, as well as Daoist energy work for the last year and half, without - in his own words - being able to cut through the existential doubt that had plagued him throughout his life. After only one a few days of applying the Two-Part Formula he finally broke through: "Something has definitely shifted. Last night I went to the shops and when I got back home something had changed. It felt very subtle at first, something had fallen away and I felt clearer. At the time I thought it was just another release. This morning I woke feeling good, which is a very rare occurrence for me. When I searched for the I, I just felt the pleasant twitching and a wave of relaxation and well-being. This feeling has steadily gotten stronger and now Iā€™m almost dizzy with relaxation." This is yet another testament to the effectiveness of the Two-Part Formula, and to the fact that anyone can awaken to the empty nature of the "I" when given down-to-earth practical instructions. If you are serious about spiritual practice, do not postpone your own awakening." https://www.facebook.com/groups/575355389684182/
  10. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Emotional & strong....
  11. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Today listening to new Guru viking podcast....
  12. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Have had flu for a week.... Listening more to Amrita Baba....
  13. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Can someone recommend to me a video talk by highly attained taoist master, please? I listen to Damo Mitchell and some other videos but do not feel good.
  14. My fav podcasts, music & books

    Today back in taichi class after holidays....