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    Too many people busy arguing, instead of cultivating creates a space of intellectual circlejerking where dissent and originality get's crushed under the foot of the collective procrastination excuses. Many a good user has fled, myself only here like once a Month now due to this energy.
  2. Yin Shen Demon Attached

    I just read this absolutely brilliant paper written in Beijing about Fu Xie Qi ( can't recommend this enough for anyone not familiar with this or anyone who are treating patients. Has a lot of great quotes from the ancient sources about this area, in an easy to understand, enlightening narration, and very useful way. This makes a whole lot of sense about where it first attached being the moyuan of the spleen etc. how it has been manifesting and responds to qi moving etc. being not a demon but only invasive pathogens although the girl in the woods were of course real and she was definitely on the darker spectrum of women I have encountered. But same vibrations attracks like-wise, so who am I to say I am not the male toxic version of her having been spreading pathogens myself? When I think about it I have great shame to admit I do now recall episodes especially when I was younger when people I disliked for reasons not fair, got lifetreathningly sick in weird ways shortly after I began thinking negatively towards them. This is indeed a karmic resolution in full display and I can now see why and the fairness in me experiencing a mirrored version of my own subconscious toxic cold from being disconnected from my emotions in most of my childhood, fleeing into fantasyworlds, addictions and repeating negative patterns of conflicts, bad company, unbalanced romantic ideals etc. But once I started to cultivate and clear my ren mai and thus retained a connection to my heart and gut again and with no more loss of essence these things inevitably came fourth as energetic clusters of karmic balance to ressolve. And this would not be so if I was not in a position to handle it as ones guides tend to help one ressolve this stuff gradually as one grows in consciosness, values and maturity. And even though I feel like I am reforming my life very thouroughly, I am still aware of areas of my thinking, habits of old emotional stagnations leading me to seek validation, praise, or unconsciously feed on negative energies and emotions of others as a masking strategy for my own energetic inadequacies and deep fears. Thus there is a lot of areas to be mindful of still as well as karmic offenses to work off. But from this new perspective this Fu Xie is both a blessing, a test, a karmic payback resolvement, a schooling in how to heal very precisely, a tap on the shoulder trying to tell me I need to change certain things in my life, as well as a very normal phenomenon that I now understand from a perspective of not believing I'm specially cursed, targeted by the demonic, or infected with some kind of witchy kiss-of-death lol. This has though given me a lot of confidence as to expelling this thing for good and given me renewed hope and trust in that I am where I'm supposed to be in my life, and in that I will learn and grow from these experiences and if I suceed with my studies, one Day too work professionally in the field of TCM and healing.
  3. Yin Shen Demon Attached

    Also forgot to mention I had some kind of yin entity at the root of my spine too trying to block when ever I tried to clear my taji-pole could litterally feel it twist and turn when I tried going around it, kind of spooky to say the least. So being blocked from the bai hui and the hui yin will drive you off course in no time in the matter of centering your energy.
  4. Yin Shen Demon Attached

    So I wanted to make an update on how things have proceeded, for my own sense of closure as well as for anyone out there or in the future reading along who have encountered the same problem. Short after my recent posts in this topic things took a turn for the worse, to put it mildly. I was being leeched by what I felt what some sort of blockages around my body so as soon as I would try to clear the meridians turn the water wheel, or just sit in stillness they would begin blocking, or seeping away any surplus qi from my system. I had one on my knee blocking my yin meridians on my left leg, which is a very crucial part of my energetic system I found out. One on my heart blocking any attempts at growing into love and compassion I tried to pursue. Also my bai hui was entirely blocked by what felt like some sort of layer of energy that made it impossible for me to draw in energy or clear my taji pole. My yintang too was being constantly highjacked by entities, and as soon as I used my right hand and envisioned I was and at the same time pulling out and removing the strings from the back of my head the yintang would come back only for a few seconds to again become dislodged. Also my ren mai was impossible to clear, I tried everyday with every trick in the book, but strange blockages would reappear as soon as I got some of it cleared again. My kidney qi was being leeched too from behind I could litterally feel entities dragging out qi at my backside where my kidneys are with tingling sensations and energy leaving my system. Mind you before that I was having heat in my dantien, vibrations in my LDT too and my belt meridian was even teeming with qi as well as my MCO was flowing freely, I had energy points active at my, laogongs, yintang, head alongside the baihui meaning before I was able to pull in qi and clear my tajipole and chakras and I was in general overflowing with compassionate feelings about mostly everyone and everything, working a lot in my non-profit projects helping people with addiction, supplements etc. So it was a complete nightmare suddenly to be this ridden with darkness. So of course I was getting utter and completely desperate and felt my mental and emotional health was going into hellish realms and contemplations about reality. In desperation I searched the web far and wide and found some healers talking about something called the 7 Jehovian Death Seals that apparently is mentioned in old texts in India and parts of Asia too. These, their location in the body as well as the symptoms matched perfectly with what I was experiencing so I did some reading and found some healers on Etsy who could in my pricerange, help me out. One even returned the funds as they apparently saw it as a dangerous situation, also being involved with the yin shen demon, I will come back to that in a bit. But one of them a nice one, helped me with a recent photo, my DOB and some informations, and I kid you not, that Day after I felt heat beginning to arise in my LDT again, and I tried meditating, and back was my yintang and baihui and my heart was beginning to overflow with compassion and love again. Not to mention all the blockages in my knee, throat, heart, etc, was gone no strange electric seeping out of energy sensations. I was moved to tears with gratitude and relief that I was finally feeling like myself again, being able to continue my work and cultivational efforts to clear my system and evolve past my traumas etc. But the yin shen demon, was still lotched inside my lower left ribcage, and I started getting these strange looking bumps/dimplets on my torso and back and especially on my left side of my body. I tried cutting a few off with a sissor and as soon as they were cut I felt rumbling of tension in my gut releasing. So the attack had started to change strategy into more devious attempts I thought and I started cutting them off everyday and every morning new ones were there. I look like I have been shot with a sawed off shotgun by now, but fewer and fewer are there everyday and I feel better and better for each passing Day. It was not the first time I had seen these strange things, and I had read about them in a book by Robert Bruce about psychic attacks, OBE and spiritual selfdefence. They appeared around my lower parts soon after I broke up with my ex girlfriend a few Years ago, but I removed them and they stopped coming shortly after back then. So my suspicions as to her being involved or her family is still an ongoing subject I'm trying to unravel. I had a session with a skilled Chinese acupuncturer and he said I was poisoned and my blood was attacked/out of balance. His treatment helped but due to lack of funds I could only go once for now. He told me this has happened to many Qigong doctors in China apparently after not training with a master. So I still have these strange sensations around the place where the yin shen demon attached and pains and twisting sensation when I move qi around that area but it is getting so much weaker now and as I have my energysystem back again working at 60% what I had before I can manage it. I still have entities smaller ones trying to attach from the back of my head sometimes, but usually it is due to me being stressed and having a weakened weiqi field now as they leave swiftly when I focus again. So if anyone encounter the same issues or are having strange blockages in your practice I can highly recommend looking into this stuff and getting one of these specialized healers to clear you. It felt as if I was cursed by something highly sinister, and I felt all kinds of leeching entities and demonic forces were ever so encroaching each Day in my system and I was getting weaker and weaker by the Day! I eat mostly raw food, use a lot of specialized supplements, run and exercise each Day, meditate several times a day, and do Qigong in the parks after my running at Night. So if this can affect me like that, imagine what it is doing to people who are living very unhealthy.. These things can appear like a deathsentence as you will draw in energetic pathogens due to your weiqi collapsing, and no fresh energy being drawn in or cultivated. A Qigong doctor treating cancer patients will also be very observant as to not absorbe any of the energetic pathogens lotched in the patients energy fields as these things are very real and you can actually feel them invading your hands especially when you heal sick people. I hope this can be of help to anyone reading along, and if you are suffering these yourself, don't hesitate to contact me I will do my best to refer you to the right people and tell you all about what worked for me. Thanks for reading along and for all your helpful comments.
  5. Chain of disillusionment

    I used to think levitation, teleportation and other higher level psychic skills were all fake too. I get it. People forget to look for the powerdynamics of today where capatalist materialists will surpress any spiritual truth and information that will lead people to stop consumption and get out of the wheel. The same goes for women encouraging male masturbation I mean come on. These things were spoken of in ancient texts from all over Asia and in Egypt too there are clues. But hey our entirely newish culture with a history of banning entheogens and plantmedicine and killing off healing profets and gurus damned as sure know better than these old guys in robes. Go out into the World, do your research and meet some of these people alive today and you will be stunned as to what they can do in terms of powers, healing and insights. If your insight into your own past and trauma's is not making you question your inbuild scepticism towards new information is it really insight or are you justifying ill behavior. I have been duped many times too, but this has taught me to do my research inside and outer. This calls into question what people are doing in the Chinese arts, if not for cultivating small and large medicine for themselves. As a bare minimum to understand the teachings as they were written.
  6. Chain of disillusionment

    Because you still use your two eyes to confirm what is real and what is not. Clear your yintang, and climb out of the baihui once you have achieved the stillness. Then go take a look around, you might be surprised as to how teaming with life the World really is that most pay no attention to. In the old texts there are even countless mentionings of the doctors and Qigong healers needing to address martial practitioners that got hurt by these techniques in practice from their opponent by mistake projecting qi while sparring. The level of ethics associated with these levels are hard to fathom for most.
  7. Chain of disillusionment

    Acting or pretending to be intellectual about these things and worse Taoism has lead many astray into projecting their own lack of connection to The Tao unto worldy affairs. There are many realms, and as I said higher levels teachers and martial artist don't reveal themselves to lower frequency thinkers and people riddled with pretentious attitudes. This is not to say there aren't any help or guidance but one has to reform one's life and inner working before these mysteries get's revealed. Many spend entire lifetimes, most likely many, in the illusion of the material world and having lost hope in the spiritual truths, thus enjoy watching more illusions that confirm that at least they were right to be so cynical.
  8. Chain of disillusionment

    They don't show off nor allow themselves to interact with the scheme of prestige, competition and crowds." Quote:
  9. Chain of disillusionment

    The World operates as a quantum realm. The enlightened and immortals don't usually cross paths with lower frequency thinkers. Doesn't mean they are not around. Also most highly developed in the true arts of the old martial skills would be able to knock out any MMA fighter from a distance even. Or worse snakefist them making their insides go black for them to die soon after. They don't show off nor allow themselves to interact with the scheme of prestige, competition and crowds. This is the fundamental ethics of higher powers, I thought most people in here would know that. If you wan't to learn these skills it requires a lifetime but I got a lot of the old manuals and they are indeed not bogus when you know the theory. To master it is a whole other thing and the disciplin is too much for most people today. But you can still find people around Asia with the skill of striking from afar. Even in Tenaga Dalam this is tought in levels very much like Mo Pai. A LDT at overfull capacity, and the ability to project the qi up along the du and ren mai at the same time into fully opened yang meridians and laogongs are just the basics. Most people today enjoy the false disillousionment of myth-busting spiritual truths and skills due to the pain of them not having acces to their own true higher self, and spiritual path, get's reverted into joy of arrogance.
  10. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    An apparition appears in your room alongside a better looking, more succesful doppelganger of you, while you're finishing off a bag of cheetos. Apparition: "AND THIS IS WHAT YOUR LIFE WOULD BE LIKE IF...." Doppelganger: "OH MY GOD!! Spare me these twisted visions specter, I've learned my lesson!! " Poof (Both vanish) You: "thaa fuuck?!"
  11. Can jing be replenished?

    Calling out either violent men or witchy women should never be an issue though. Too many grow up and be a man about it mentality issues are making it harder for men to open up about sexual or emotional abuse. If a group of women had issues with violent abusive exboyfriends should one neglect their opinions too? Masturbation and infatuation even worse in combination leads to severe jing loss yes. Not guilt, not shame not projections either. The sages knew this and they were wise, and thus as someone wise enough to know a hornets nest from afar, I will not reply further in this thread but let you steep in this message instead.
  12. Do we have volcanic issues in our future?

    Just in time for the impending poleshift cycle. Would make sense for this to spark increased volcanic activity. If this goes down in our lifetimes it would become grim to say the least. From my deep dives into the past I speculated cannibal tribes as the main surviving fractions the last time where there was either a large meteor or a super volcano making the world go dark for Years with no sunshine or growth. It explains a lot of modern Day psychological issues also. On the other hand when I asked this ET lady on an OBE she showed me we needed mostly to worry about spacedebree around our planet from what I was shown but this was meant for my lifetime I guess as all of these scenarios are bound to happen at some point be it a meteor or a supervolcano. A solarflare EMP reset might be the lessor of these evils but would sure a damned also bring a lot of fatalities from starvation before things would get working again. Also as someone who lives 45min away from Sweden no, they don't use RFID chips at all this is a very fringe group like 0.001 % of people there.
  13. I started making a smoothie with fresh organic broccoli, apple, bilberries, ginger, sellery, and carrots and drink half of it 30min after waking up and the rest around noon. The energy and focus throughout the Day is truly something since I started doing this. I use a stickblender which makes smaller bits then I would be able to chew to so more get's absorbed and digested this way and both the broccoli and the bilberries have medicinal effects not to mention the benefits on the gut from organic apples. Besides that I use ginseng and rhodiola extracts which further boosts the energy and stamina to workout and practice. If I eat too many grains or processed food I can immidiately feel the loss of energy that Day. Then a warm meal later but usually I'm not feeling starved or drained at all during the span of the Day on only fresh stuff even. Can highly recommend to try this for a Week and see for yourself the benefits.
  14. Hi, in need of healing

    Supplement with lutein and blueberries or better bilberries everyday and you should never see it arise. A good multivitamin is also recommended.