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  1. I've been using healing herbal extracts and working with these medicines for a lot of years now and implementing those in my routines were a game changer for me to say the least. They helped me maintain my focus and become able to keep up an excercise regiment and don't get overwhelmed in social situations thus able to lead a mostly normal life. On the other hand it didn't clear a lot of my emotional turbid qi that was locked inside of my system and even though I did sprinting, weightlifting, fasted and meditated (the basic Westernized mindfullness) it didn't really help me get passed those destructive energies in my system. I had a nervous energy around me at all times, my voice was stressful to listen to even for myself, and I kept repeating certain selfdestructive tendencies. I discovered medical qigong as well as the technique of the MCO after only a few sessions I felt better than I had for as long as I could remember. My voice was calm and came from a still deep place in my body even during stress. My body and energy felt light and I started to feel heat in my body arising which also activated my kidneys giving me energy beyond anything I could have achieved with medicines but it at the same time came from such a balanced state of being. My pace of walking became so light and joyious after a few sessions and I became able to look people in the eye with a big smile. Something I haven't really done for years. I would scan my body during the day using the MCO for blockages I would have gotten from subtle stress and clear them as soon as they arose rather than waiting for a good sleep to reset my nervous system or selfmedicate my way out of it. The key is really in the correct wuji posture, slow and consicous movements of the subtle body alongside the movement, as well as applying stillness in equal amounts as you do cultivation. (for me at least) I also coupled this with sessions of breath of fire and reverse breathing and it became way more powerful both the qigong as well as the stillness as energy would heat up move to my spine and all of that stuff. For medical qigong this guy can't be recommended enough as he talks you through all of the movements and visualizations during the forms. He has sets of Hun Yuan, Yi Quan as well as Daoist Five Yin Qigong, all really powerful in of themselves. Parred with sitting meditation / cultivation some stillness this should be able to make a vast difference for ones practice.
  2. As mentioned proper low belly breathing is needed also applying correct wuji posture for the breathing and movements to align. It can be tricky at first and ofc. its not assured to work for everyone but once I understood the basics it really kicked of with the benefits. I can reccommend this guys most popular videos on the movements as well as the wuji posture.
  3. SoTG lineage

    First of all this comment you're refering to was made before this thread was made I had no idea of these things and find it distasteful that you're insinuating that I did. I never mention anything about synthetis and what ever you're on about here, now you're clearly rambling. I used to read a lot of his stuff on this forum before and got the idea that he wanted to make all of his teachings free and was targeted by other liniages etc. Stuff I can now see is totally BS but when the only source was from in here and the mythos he spread around clearweb then I had no idea of where I should have know about this. I watched a lot of his videos displaying everything from golden light to spirits and white light smoke this was for me rare to find people who go out on a limb to show. If I knew half of what was written in here i would never have said such things. I get that everyone is paranoid about new users in here being members trying to recruit etc. but dude take a look at my post history, do I look like someone right out of this place? The former members can confirm that I wasn't on the forum too, and the fact that he acted the way he did to women and neglected the men I would have ran in an instant.
  4. SoTG lineage

    This is not meant to be offensive to either of the parts I mearly hoped to take some of the seriousness out it. Maybe too soon, I do find we need to laugh about sects and cults so we don't allow ourselves to become so serious about our practice that we therefore fall for such things. I sincerely feel for those who got hurt in this, and I also feel for SaToGo and those caught in spiritual battle or paranoia or maybe a bit of both. I'm not affiliated with this group though I don't know what you're insinuating, but actually I didn't know things became so twisted in there which came as quite a shock. Although there's indeed sinister groups present on this planet atm doing horrible things. Things that he seemed to be aware of, I didn't know a lot of the other stuff that played out and hope to see those who suffered this to come into healing and a healthy practice again, have no doubts about that.
  5. SonOfTheGods Has Passed

    I'm interested in helping in any regards here. I didn't know him nor was active on his boards but he has made a huge impact on me for sure. Seeing the stuff he achieved, it is not safe to assume anything at this point I agree.
  6. I believe with void and conscious state he means that your thoughts occupy the energy of the void when you use your mind even the slightest. For cultivation in the void your mind needs to be still and not stir the waters there directing void energy. With the conscious state you can force qi and light through exercises and movement while having a noisy mind but the finer cultivation only begins taking place after you quite the mind completely and allow the void to produce divine fire.
  7. This is distilled gold I sincerely thank you OP and I hope you're still out there making progress.
  8. My bum is on fire!

    Apparently I did some kundalini-yoga and meditations and now my ass and spine is on fire daily and someone took my minds quantum-remote and put it on shuffle. My house is also haunted with tiny lights that emit smoke and I can't even have a wank by myself anymore as I feel judged and get shocks up my spine messing with my john. I also keep on getting these annoying revelations about my life and how to improve myself. No one told me this would be like this, I just tried to hit on this yoga chick and did her practices apparently for too long. I then met some flaky people who tried to heal me with cacao-ceremony and how it's pronounced (khakhaaauw) but this basically tasted like crap, did nothing and felt like boofing a bag of green tea would have worked better. Also shitty foods make me sick so I'm forced to eat organic plantbased and focus on not aggrevating my daily ass-fires. I used to like smoke weed and sleep chill, but now I keep getting these cryptic lucid dreams where I try to sneak in some action with some dream-tail as I can't have a wank irl, but then an old guy materializes and hit me on the balls with his cane and I wake up with more scotumpains and blueballs. Even going out and having drinks makes my ass flare up, and trying to hit on girls I instantly get visions of the old man and feeling like he is about to flick my balls with his cane if I pursue. I met with this psychic master I was told, and she was all like "that is so great for you omg! you're awakening and healing" like jada jada I just wan't my old life back with a reasonably temperate prostate and no one haunting me giving me visions and guidance. I tried to get her number as I thought maybe it would cancel out my sex-jinx if she was psychic too, but she got super weird about it. Saying I should respect my journey and stop focusing on desires and all that horsecrap. Easy to say, like her ass isn't even being used as a lighthouse for smurfs. 0/5 stars would not reccommend this at all. I'm just messing with you guys, I'm perfectly fine (mostly) but thought I wanted to make a welcome-post worthy of this forum. Humbled to be here though and look forward to continuing this inspiring journey with you guys.