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  1. Have you seen any spiritual shifts or benefits as well? My physical health *knock on wood and v grateful* is pretty good--I am more interested in mental, emotional, and spiritual effects? Thank you
  2. Thank you! I barely hear from people who know about this system so good to know your experience
  3. https://renxueamericas.org/learning-center/ Hi everyone, Does anyone have experience with this website and the courses? His website layout is very clean and organized and courses seem straightforward. I want to learn qigong but also delve into some of the spiritual practices as well. I watched the documentary about his two students who increased their level of consciousness through the practices. Thoughts?
  4. Which online schooling should I look for?

    Thank you searcher that's a very thorough recommendation of what to look into. I have heard good things about Spring Forest--and it sounds like it could align ith what I'm looking for. Haven't heard of Bruce Frantzis so I'd have to look into that. Just curious if anyone has any knowledge of this coursework? https://renxueamericas.org/learning-center/qigong-online-learning-courses/
  5. Which online schooling should I look for?

    Thank you guys. Appreciate the suggestions--will give these resources a look
  6. Hello everyone, Hope your December is going smoothly. I've always thought about starting a Qigong practice but I'm currently more serious about actually getting started. Physically I could use more energy overall, but I'm looking to learn a practice which is more for the spiritual and emotional benefits. I'm learning about different instructors out there with online courses (Anthony, Lee Holden) but not sure who to pick based on my needs. I consistently meditate and do breathwork and my goal with Qigong is to get into a more effortless and peaceful state. I would ideally like to continue breathwork as I start a qigong practice. I was reading someone's comment the other day about how he does some kind of advanced qigong that helps him (merge with the cosmos?) not sure if I'm repeating that correctly, and that his intuition is developed in a way where he makes better decisions. He says he feels blissed out through doing this daily practice. Which form of qigong or instructor with online courses should I look into for similar results? Ideally an instructor who is detailed about form teaches in a way that helps the student get the most out of this practice. Thank you