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  1. My experience with Chunyi Lin

    Does anyone know if these long distance healings can improve one’s mental and emotional health?
  2. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi Sifu Terry, I increased the font size and bolded the parts that I was particularly interested in. This post was from 2016. I am interested in developing more subtle perception and increasing my intuitive abilities through qigong practice. Do you still believe that I would need to learn advanced levels of TTP to get there--or would I be able to start developing this with some of the Flying Phoenix meditations? I am currently working on DVD 1 and DVD 2 at the moment. Do your zoom classes teach TTP moves that would help develop this psychic awareness? Ty
  3. Hi everyone, I'm copying a post from reddit because it didn't get a lot of responses there and I'm curious about the answer. This person has practiced different types of energy work on and off for 2 years. They have never stayed consistent in their practice. Should one practice Qi Gong daily for a large amount of time before benefits present themselves in their life? What does one notice as their energy raises higher and higher? I am wondering the same thing because I've managed to do Qigong every other day--for a month and I'm wondering what the benefits are for doing it everyday over a long period of time. Thank you
  4. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Thanks for bringing up the point that the time I do this is equal to how much less sleep you need during the day. I've seen that talked about on this forum more than once. I agree that if I were to leave it to the evening it would be more difficult for me too. Thanks for giving an example of your morning routine--20 to 30 minutes with a warmup sounds pretty doable but as you stated starting small and working my way up is probably the best strategy. Ty for sharing what works for you!! Having a less stressful day is def a perk I'm hoping to gain.
  5. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Thanks for your response. I'm really impressed that you get 1.5 to 2 hours in before work. It must have enough impact for you to be willing to do this. Definitely motivating, ty
  6. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    I have a question about Flying Phoenix qi energy and potentially cultivating more energy to do things during the week. I've just started the first DVD of the series and have been enjoying it so far (it's the only system I've practiced). I have been working part time/per diem for awhile and will be going back to full time work in a couple weeks. I am grateful to have found a full time job in my field however I'm nervous about losing work life balance and neglecting my hobbies, self development, and interests outside of work. Usually when I'm full time--I'm rushing to get out the door in the morning and then I'm pretty drained by the time I get home and have enough energy to make a sandwich, relax for a little bit, and then pass out. Everything I want to do mostly gets moved to the weekends including chores and errands. I was curious that with the qi built through this program that people are finding more energy to do things during the week rather than leaving everything to the measly 2 day weekend. Anecdotes appreciated!! Thank you
  7. Have you seen any spiritual shifts or benefits as well? My physical health *knock on wood and v grateful* is pretty good--I am more interested in mental, emotional, and spiritual effects? Thank you
  8. Thank you! I barely hear from people who know about this system so good to know your experience
  9. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi Sifu Terry, Thanks so much for your detailed and encouraging response! I know I will go back and reread it a couple times to absorb all the info. I am just starting out on my Qigong journey and was looking at your site with the DVD set. Should I practice and get acquainted with the DVD's before I start out with zoom classes or can I start the beginner zoom classes with no prior experience? I admit I'm interested in both the Tao Tan Pai and FP Qigong combination. Also I am in the Los Angeles area--do you ever do person classes there or are you mostly on zoom for now? When you say Advanced Flying Phoenix--do you mean the DVD's that have advanced exercises? I think one advanced DVD is also still in process of coming out based on what I saw on the site. Also a little random question but if one wants to do psychedelics like ayahuasca how much break should one take before doing qigong? For example let's say I have been doing qigong for awhile but I want to do an aya ceremony--should I take a break before and after and how long should I do that for? I ask because I've heard that psychedelics can mess with energy a little bit and I want to avoid potential qi deviations. Similar question for breathwork--if I do a daily 10-15 minute breathwork practice should I leave a few hours between that and qigong practice? Thank you! And also Happy New Year~! Lauren
  10. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi tao thanks for your response. I can see how it would be a more individual experience than anything. I’m curious—since you’ve tried so many other qigong methods, do you know if flying Phoenix helps increase one’s level of consciousness, intuition so one can make better choices in life, etc? That’s part of why I want to start a qigong practice—the emotional and spiritual benefits. If one wants to experience those side benefits should they take a workshop with terry or do a combination of exercises during practice? Thank you
  11. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Curious if anyone finds that this practice influences your career or day job or your work with people in anyway? I'm going into the counseling field (just graduated school) and I'm wondering if becoming more sensitive to energy might impact my work in anyway. Thanks
  12. https://renxueamericas.org/learning-center/ Hi everyone, Does anyone have experience with this website and the courses? His website layout is very clean and organized and courses seem straightforward. I want to learn qigong but also delve into some of the spiritual practices as well. I watched the documentary about his two students who increased their level of consciousness through the practices. Thoughts?
  13. Which online schooling should I look for?

    Thank you searcher that's a very thorough recommendation of what to look into. I have heard good things about Spring Forest--and it sounds like it could align ith what I'm looking for. Haven't heard of Bruce Frantzis so I'd have to look into that. Just curious if anyone has any knowledge of this coursework? https://renxueamericas.org/learning-center/qigong-online-learning-courses/
  14. Which online schooling should I look for?

    Thank you guys. Appreciate the suggestions--will give these resources a look
  15. Hello everyone, Hope your December is going smoothly. I've always thought about starting a Qigong practice but I'm currently more serious about actually getting started. Physically I could use more energy overall, but I'm looking to learn a practice which is more for the spiritual and emotional benefits. I'm learning about different instructors out there with online courses (Anthony, Lee Holden) but not sure who to pick based on my needs. I consistently meditate and do breathwork and my goal with Qigong is to get into a more effortless and peaceful state. I would ideally like to continue breathwork as I start a qigong practice. I was reading someone's comment the other day about how he does some kind of advanced qigong that helps him (merge with the cosmos?) not sure if I'm repeating that correctly, and that his intuition is developed in a way where he makes better decisions. He says he feels blissed out through doing this daily practice. Which form of qigong or instructor with online courses should I look into for similar results? Ideally an instructor who is detailed about form teaches in a way that helps the student get the most out of this practice. Thank you