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  1. New Forum in Search for Information Related to Home Altars

    Thank you for the ideas. I had done something that is based upon a combo of the two of the ideas.
  2. Hello to everyone here. I am happy to have found this forum and will likely return many times to it. As for my reason for being here I had come looking for information about my home altar. My altar in question is dedicated to Tu'er Shen also known as the Rabbit God. Being a lesser known god not many manufacturers nor craftsmen sell statues of him so I have resorted to useing a image as a icon for paying respect to him and praying. Though I believe that this works I am not so sure. Either way I hope I have shown respect but I am still unsure if this is proper. I know that within Daoism there are few set in stone rules but I feel I should still ask.
  3. Hello to everyone here, I am of course new here but I feel I will certainly stay to read learn more from this wonderful forum. The reason for my searching out of the forum was due to a dilemma I am in. I wish to make a home altar to Tu'er Shen however most of my family will not permit me to place it in a proper place of prominence in the house. I understand a bedroom is not a proper place for an altar however I am stuck for choices. Its location will be were I had once had a Catholic prayer table that I had made for myself when I was seven years old so its location is of personal significance. No temple exists for Tu'er Shen except in Taiwan which is far out of my travel range. I am not sure what to do due to the situation, what should I do?